How to Start a TV Fantasy League

In these times of social distancing and high stress levels, TV has been our rock. Why not make it a competition? Here’s how to start your own TV fantasy league.

Step 1: Draft Your Cast Members

The first step of any fantasy league is to draft your players — or in this case your cast members. As a group, come up with a list of popular television stars and each draft a total of ten players.

Step 2: Decide on Watch Hours

Depending on how busy you and your other league members are, decide how many hours per week are acceptable to watch and log points.

Step 3: Pick Shows

Collectively decide on 1-2 shows to watch each week that align with the cast members chose.

Step 4: Keep Score

As you watch, give yourself a point each time one of your cast members appears in a scene of the show. It might help to create a spreadsheet for everyone to use — that way you can all check out who’s in the lead and who’s behind.

Step 5: Declare a Winner

So you’ve completed your score-keeping and watched all the shows, what now? It is time to declare a winner. Add up everyone’s weekly scores, declare a winner of the competition and decide on a prize.

Congrats! You’ve officially made it through your first TV fantasy league.

By Blair Krassen @blairlyawake

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