‘The Binge’ Review

Do you ever wonder what it would be like if there were another prohibition and you were only allowed to consume drugs and alcohol for one night a year? — Well, thankfully the Hulu original movie The Binge gives us a glimpse of what it would be like. 

The Binge, directed by Jeremy Garelick, takes place in the year 2032 on “Binge Night,” the one night of the year where every American over 18-years-old is permitted to consume as many substances as they want for twelve hours. The Binge is really just your typical coming-of-age party movie differentiated by this interesting new twist. 

The story follows high school seniors Griffin (Sklyer Gisondo), Hags (Dexter Darden) and Andrew (Eduardo Franco) as they partake in their very first binge night. The film also follows their school principal, Principal Carlsen (Vince Vaughn), who is on a mission to locate his teenage daughter, Lena (Grace Van Dien), after she sneaks out to engage in the night’s festivities. The story is narrated by the captivating voice of Morgan Freeman.

I immensely enjoyed the concept of the film and how the sets and cinematography made it feel like it was ten years into the future. Nearly everything looked the same except a bit more modern.

I found the story arc to be similar to films such as Booksmart, Project X and Superbad as the main characters’ goal was to have an epic night with their friends before going off to college just like in these classic films — and of course there is always a girl to impress. In this film, Griffin is pining after Lena and spends the whole night attempting to ask her to be his date to prom.

The Binge is funny and oftentimes outlandish. What starts out as an average night of partying soars to new heights. From the cocaine snorting contest to the mushroom burritos and hallucinating a musical, it is one interesting evening these kids will surely remember for the rest of their lives — at least the parts where they were sober.

I recommend giving The Binge a chance if you’re into physical comedy and don’t mind a ton of drug use in your movies. I highly recommend it to a younger demographic however, older viewers may enjoy it too. The Binge could be the perfect film for your next movie night at home.

The Binge is available to stream on Hulu.

Grade: B+

By Blair Krassen @blairlyawake

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