Comedy Spotlight: Get to Know Meg Patenaude

“Just because you lived your life quietly before doesn’t mean that you always have to,” says Meg Patenaude. If you aren’t yet familiar with Meg, a 28-year-old rising stand-up comedian living in Brooklyn, New York, you will be soon.

After living in Jersey City for a little while, Meg moved to the big apple and enrolled in a comedy class at Gotham Comedy Club. Her first assignment for the class was to perform an open mic night at a local club; leading her to get on stage for the first time at an open mic at The Klimate Lounge.

Over the past 4 years, Meg has been performing shows throughout New York City and attending comedy festivals across the United States. Meg believes that one of the most important traits of a good comic is being able to make fun of yourself and being open to sharing your life with an audience. 

The Syracuse University graduate’s artist philosophy revolves around doing one thing that terrifies you each year in order to grow. According to Meg, the most difficult part of being a stand-up comedian is pushing yourself to get on stage that very first time.

The Clifton Park native says that her style was inspired by comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, Kathleen Madigan and Jim Gaffigan who she grew up watching with her family. Meg’s comedy is exceptional not only because it is hilarious, but because it caters to all types of audiences — including families.

If you’d  like to check out Meg’s comedy, come see her perform live outdoors in Bushwick, Brooklyn on Wednesday, October 14 at 8 pm. You can purchase tickets here:

You can catch Meg at the Palm Springs International Comedy Festival which will be held virtually from Oct. 11-18. Get more info here:

Follow Meg on Instagram at @megpatenaudecomedy!

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