The 10 Greatest TV Couples of the 2010’s

There were so many amazing couples of the 2010’s decade on television — from comedies to dramas; gay and straight. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite couples and their greatest moments.

  1. Ian and Mickey (Shameless)

From their days sharing a cell in prison to their wedding being nearly destroyed by Mickey’s dad, this couple has been through hell and back together. Their relationship shows that two men in love can be totally badass. Ian and Mickey’s passion is incomparable, making them the greatest couple of the decade.

  1. Zoey and Wade (Hart of Dixie)

This unlikely pairing met in Mobile, Alabama on the first night Zoe Hart came to town. Little did anyone know they would one day get married and have children — I certainly didn’t. But by the end of the show, I was nearly as in love with the two of them together as they were with each other. With Wade’s bad boy attitude and Zoe’s empathy and compassion they are always there to balance each other out.

  1. April and Andy (Parks and Recreation)

April and Andy (otherwise known as Johnny Karate) are the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana’s greatest couple because everyday they support each other’s crazy dreams and ideas. Their last minute wedding ceremony just weeks after they began dating proves that love is all about taking chances.

  1. Veronica and Kevin (Shameless)

Another fabulous couple from the south side of Chicago, Kevin and Veronica are not only the perfect couple, but also the perfect parents to their two adorable daughters. Plus, between Kevin’s fitness empire and their abortion van and Amazon scheme, they are true entrepreneurs who are always looking out for their family and the other south siders.

  1. David and Patrick (Schitt’s Creek)

If David had never followed his dream to open Rose Apothecary, he never would have met Patrick and his life would be incomplete. This love story told with taste and style is one we will always cherish and remember.

  1. Amy and Jonah (Superstore)

Amy Sosa and Jonah Simms are not only the cutest couple in St. Louis, but the cutest couple ever. I am anxious to find out how the dynamic will change when Amy moves to California for her new corporate job. Will they stay together?

  1. Jane and Rafael (Jane the Virgin)

Although I was team Michael from the start, I ultimately came around to the idea of Jane and Rafael and believed in their love story. And maybe being accidentally impregnated with his sperm wasn’t such a bad thing in the end? I mean they did create one cute kid.

  1. Chidi and Eleonor (The Good Place)

A match literally made in heaven, Chidi and Eleonor show us that it doesn’t matter if you are world’s apart, the right person will find you. They may have done things in a bit of an unconventional way living together as life partners before getting to know each other, but that only made their story more interesting.

  1. Sandra and Jerry (Superstore)

Newlyweds Sandra and Jerry might not be rich, but they are happy as long as they have each other. Plus, their under the sea themed wedding was one for the books.

  1. Jake and Amy (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

Detective partners turned husband and wife, Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago make one great team no matter what they are doing. I can’t wait to see them raise their new baby in the upcoming season — don’t we all wish Jake and Amy were our parents?

By Blair Krassen @blairlyawake

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