‘Where is Nancy’ is an Influential Film About a Devastating Disappearance

Where is Nancy, directed by Thiago Dadalt and produced by Dru Miller, is a documentary film about 55-year-old Nancy Paulikas, who suffered from early-onset Alzheimer’s disease and went missing. On Oct. 15, 2016, Nancy and her husband Kirk were at the Los Angeles Museum of Art, when Nancy left him to use the restroom she never returned. 

That evening, the lengthy search for Nancy began. Kirk along with Nancy’s parents George and Joan and Manhattan Beach police detective Michael Rosenberger set out on a wide spread investigation for Nancy all around the greater Los Angeles area. Their team, along with over 80 volunteers, spent the next several years visiting every hospital, homeless shelter and nursing home they could think of.

During the search, the city of Los Angeles became increasingly involved in the investigation and with Kirk’s help provided new tools for family members so that what happened to Nancy would never happen again. The facts inform us that wandering is not only a common occurrence in those with memory loss but also those with autism as well. As a result, this assistance alone brought home a number of LA residents suffering from Alzheimer’s and autism home to their families.

Where is Nancy features first hand accounts from Kirk and Nancy’s parents throughout their search. From Nancy’s loved ones we learn that Nancy was an incredible, brilliant and vibrant character who lived a beautiful and fulfilling life prior to her diagnosis. Aside from her family, the film also features a number of interviews and comments from Nancy’s friends and coworkers who clearly loved Nancy a lot and remember her as someone capable of taking on the world.

The documentary ends on a bitter-sweet note as a large group of people come together to honor Nancy and celebrate the new measures that are being put in place by the city. I hope that you all will watch this film to not only honor Nancy and her legacy but to honor all of the people who suffer from Alzheimers and autism that go missing each year.

Where is Nancy is endorsed by Alzheimer’s Los Angeles, The Manhattan Beach Police, The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office and The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors and Autism Society.

Watch ‘Where is Nancy’ at the Newport Beach Film Festival now through Oct. 11.

By Blair Krassen @blairlyawake

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