Comedy Spotlight: Get to Know Marcus Levar

“My inspiration to pursue comedy came from my father. He wasn’t a comedian, he was just the funniest person I knew.” — Marcus Levar

In case you haven’t yet been introduced to Marcus Levar, he is a Philly-based comedian who has been performing up and down the East Coast for the past eight years. In fact, Marcus’s first performance ever was at Comedy Cabaret in Northeast Philly back in 2013. 

In 2014 the Philly native moved to New York to give it a go in a new and unfamiliar city. He performed at a number of clubs including Gotham Comedy Club, Eastville Comedy Club and The Comic Strip.

After a few years in New York, Marcus returned home to Philly and began booking shows again locally at venues like Punch Line Philly. The upcoming star has also performed at a number of colleges and universities — he recalls one of his greatest memories was doing a show at the University of Massachusetts. Marcus says that although Covid has unfortunately limited his performance schedule, he has gained some great material for when he does receive the opportunity to perform. 

Marcus has known since the young age of eleven that he wanted to do comedy. He grew up watching stand-up comedians Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryer and Dave Chappelle who have all influenced his style and love for comedy in some way. First off, Marcus claims that his use of storytelling as a method in his sets came from watching Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle. He also cites Chris Rock as the inspiration for the use of “voice” in his comedy.

“The best comedians that I listen to have a voice that sticks in my head,” says Marcus. “For example Chris Rock undertakes a specific voice that sets him apart from other comics.” 

Aside from comedians, Marcus references Airplane and Monty Python as comedic inspiration. Marcus has a deep appreciation for the physical and satirical humor in these classic films.

If you would like a chance to see Marcus perform live (for free) check him out at the Grape Room on Tues. Oct. 27 in Manayunk, PA. at 7:30 p.m.

To keep up with Marcus, follow him on instagram @marcuslevarlaffs and like his fb page @LeVarLaffs!

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