Comedy Spotlight: Get to Know James Mac

For James Mac, what started as a dare has since become an exciting career. About Six years ago, James was living in Dallas, Texas when his friend agreed to a bet that if James got on stage at an open mic and was able to make the audience laugh he would go shooting with him. Well James certainly made the audience laugh and the rest is history.

Some other things that you might not know about James is that he grew up in Texas and North Carolina and served in combat for the U.S army. His biggest influences and mentors in the industry include Eli Sairs, Rodney Carrington, Roy Wood Jr. and Anthony Jesselnick of whom he attributes his style of dark humor to. Being that James is also an avid reader and a poet, he additionally notes Edgar Allen Poe as someone who has influenced his comedy.

For the first few years of his career, James focused mainly on roast comedy prior to transitioning to written material. He often incorporates stories of when he served in the army into his sets in order to educate people and make them understand what soldiers go through. Aside from being a comic, James has started his own production company known as Headspace and Timing Comedy. 

About three years ago, James moved to New Jersey and began performing in New York City. He has performed at New York Comedy Club, the Tiny Cupboard, the Creek and the Cave and more. The comic has also performed at comedy festivals across the country such as Jersey City Comedy Festival, Funniest Comic in Texas, Palm Springs International Comedy Festival and Everything is Awesome Comedy Festival. 

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