ABC’s ‘Single Parents’ Brought Us a New Type of Family We Truly Miss

In the Fall of 2018, Single Parents creators Elizabeth Meriwether and J.J Philbin blessed us with a new type of family to watch each week. This wonderful tv family consisted of five single parents: Will Cooper (Taran Killam), Angie D’Amato (Leighton Meester), Poppy Banks (Kimrie Lewis), Miggy Park (Jake Choi) and Douglas Fogerty (Brad Garrett). The show additionally followed their overwhelmingly brilliant and adorable children: Sophie (Marlow Barkley), Graham (Tyler Wladis), Amy (Ella Allan), Emma (Mia Allan), Rory (Devin Trey Campbell) and Baby Jack (Lincoln and Theodore Lilhinand). Single Parents was a refreshing change-up from the overused sitcom set-up of a two-parent household.

Throughout the two incredible seasons that Single Parents aired on ABC, the parents dealt with issues like deciding when to introduce their child to their new significant other and how to pay for Lance Bass Space Camp. In the meantime, the show showed the kids dealing with their own issues like figuring out who should be their first grade valentine. All of the parents and children had their own separate stories but whenever they came together it was like one big happy family. And each and every character in this family had their own unique traits. They were all there for each other to provide laughs and comfort in times of need.

One intriguing element of the series was getting to see several new romantic relationships form. First, at the end of season one, Poppy and Douglas, who had had feelings for each other for a while, decided to try things out as a couple. Their relationship had many ups and downs along the way—which was often caused by the wide age gap between them. Then there was Will and Angie who took a bit longer to come to terms with their obvious love and admiration for one another, but finally did, just in time for the show to get cancelled. The hardest part of the series ending was not getting a chance to close out the story—especially for Will and Angie. The second season concluded with Angie driving away with her son’s father Derek (Adam Brody), realizing that she should have stuck around to see things through with Will.

Fans were so heartbroken when the news broke out that Single Parents would not be returning that they started a petition and requested that the show be picked up by a streaming service immediately. Unfortunately, since some of the actors seem to be already moving on—like Jake Choi joining the cast of American Housewife—it seems unlikely.

If you missed the opportunity to watch Single Parents during its brief yet wonderful run, it is never too late. This show will make you laugh hard and teach you to have a new appreciation for the non-blood related family in your life. Join the rest of the passionate Single Parents fans and start watching today.

Single Parents’ is available to stream on Hulu.

By Blair Krassen @blairlyawake

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