Netflix’s ‘Disenchantment’ Part 3 Takes Us On an Adventurous Ride

To those unfamiliar, Disenchantment is a Netflix animated series set in a medieval period. The main protagonist of the series, Princess Tiabeanie, “Bean” (Abbi Jacobson), is a care-free, boozed-obsessed teenager that spends her days getting into mischief with her two sidekicks. Elfo, an innocent yet sex-crazed elf that is blindly obsessed with her (Nat Faxon), and Luci (Eric Andre), a demon posing as Bean’s pet cat. Part 3, which premiered on Jan.15 was an intense, adventurous ride and we know it can only go up from here for these characters. 

At the end of part 2, Bean and her enchanting friends were meant to have a tragic ending. As they were sentenced to be burned at stake by the dubious community of  Dreamland. Then a miracle occurred, and somehow the threesome survived their fiery doom. This resulted in falling through a hole in the ground, only to be greeted by none other than Queen Dagmar (Sharon Horgan), Bean’s estranged mother. She was turned to stone for fifteen years only to be brought back to life to use Bean to fulfill an evil prophecy, her army of Trogs, small eye-bulging creatures. Without any other options, the dynamic duo was left to stay with the Queen until they figured out her motive.

Meanwhile, back in Dreamland, Derek (Tress MacNeille), Bean’s brother, has temporarily taken the throne as their father, King Zog, Bean’s father (John DiMaggio), is still ill. Unknown to Derek, this is all part of Odval (Maurice LaMarche ), and the Arch druidess (Tress MacNeille), workers of the king, plan to use him to get rid of Zog and gain control of the kingdom. As any fan would assume, this leads to horror scandals and an abundance of adventures (without giving too many spoilers, let’s just say the vile pair of Odval and the Arch Druidess falls short in their actions.).

Circling back to Bean, she, Elfo and Luci manage to escape Dagmar’s path. Bean and Elfo land back in Steamland, while Luci stays around with Zog. In Steamland, Bean is determined to do it all; Elfo, on the other hand, decides to blend in with the high society only to be captured by a P.T Barnum type by exposing himself as an Elf. In comparison, Bean is off on her mission to find the Arch Druidess. The heavily driven plot is met with the same witty banter as they make their way through this Futurama esc town. Bean finally reunites with Elfo and breaks him free from the freak show the Barnum type has placed him in. However, not before saving another aquatic character, Mora (Meredith Hagner). The three set off the journey back to Dreamland, but the journey is far from eventful. Mora and Bean begin to bond, leaving a lasting impression on the princess. Without giving away too much, it is safe to say Bean has no preference when it comes to love. 

After returning to Dreamland, Zog begins to lose it, so they call upon his ex-wife, Pirate Queen Oona (Tress MacNeille), to try to get him to come to his senses. Upon returning, Bean realizes that Oona had been the “caring” mother figure all along and helps her deal with her newfound heartache. The one-liners and comedic backtalk keep the audience enthused, as the plot is always thickening. As the season draws to a close, Zog is deemed unfit to rule, and with Oona leaving, the rule goes to Bean. Towards the end of the season, Bean is met with new struggles and ends up taken away by Dagmar. She takes her to marry a mysterious man and flashes back to Luci, who has intended his doom in another world.

Part 3 of Disenchantment is certainly not one to miss. The series has already been renewed by Netflix for its fourth season, which will most likely premiere sometime in early 2022. I look forward to seeing what adventures the fourth installment brings.

‘Disenchantment’ is available to stream on Netflix.

By Megan Yamrich


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