‘American Idol’ Episode 2 Predictions

Episode 2 of American Idol Season 4 was released on Sunday, Feb. 21. The episode consisted of 11 contestants that were given Golden Tickets. I will give my ratings for each contestant, while also predicting how far these 12 contestants will go in the show.

  1. Amanda Mena

Rating: 6.5/10

Prediction: We weren’t able to see a lot of her performance, but her voice is strong. Her song choices will make or break it for her, given that it seems she is more of a soul, R&B artist. I think she will make it past Hollywood Week, but may get cut shortly after.

  1. Liahona Olayan

Rating: 8/10

Prediction: Has a great tone, and a pop sound. As Katy Perry said, she is similar to Lorde with her tone. However, she may not make it too far if her brother gets cut and she’s left alone. She also may not stand out against other contestants from episode 1.

  1. Ammon Olayan

Rating: 6/10

Prediction: Sounds a little timid, but his confidence goes up drastically when singing with his sister. Once the two start really competing against each other, Ammon may fold under the pressure.

Anthony Guzman and Hannah Everhart, ABC
  1. Anthony Guzman

Rating: 7.5/10

Prediction: He is confusing. He can sing well, but his image is throwing me off a little bit. I predict that America will either hate him or love him, which could be the make or break of his time on the show.

  1. Hannah Everhart

Rating: 7/10

Prediction: She has a good, unique sound. However, it is a bit hard to understand the words at times. Nevertheless, she’s very relatable, and America’s Vote could carry her through if she gets that far. With that being said, I predict her being cut Hollywood Week or shortly after due to the shakiness in her voice and poor song choices.

  1. Calvin Upshaw

Rating: 7/10

Prediction: He was a little shaky, but very confident. His story makes up a lot for his vocal mistakes, and shows that he will have the grit to put in the work and get better. He sings from his heart, and America will love it. I think that his heart will put him through Hollywood Week, but I do not believe he will make it to the top 20.

  1. Casey Bishop

Rating: 8.5/10

Prediction: Outstanding voice. She was able to project and stay on pitch with no piano, and showed that she has great range. Her inexperience may cause some setbacks, but I predict that she will have an easy road into the top 20, and possibly into the top 10 if she has some smart song choices. 

  1. Yurisbel

Rating: 2/10

Prediction: He has energy, but his voice is not great. I don’t fully understand why the judges sent him through, but he will not make it past Hollywood Week.

Chayce Beckham, ABC
  1. Chayce Beckham

Rating: 9/10

Prediction: He has the look, the voice, and the backstory to go very far in the competition. He sounds like a singer who should have already been discovered, but for whatever reason wasn’t. It’ll be interesting to see him perform more upbeat songs, but I predict he will make it to the top

  1. Cassandra Coleman

Rating: 9/10
Prediction: She had a very interesting song choice. However, it worked very well. She is at the top of all the competition, and, to be honest, I can’t find any flaws. She will easily make it to the top 10.

  1. Willie Spence

Rating: 8.5/10

Prediction: Similar to Cassandra, I can’t find many flaws with Willie’s performance. Like the other contestants, it will be interesting how he proceeds to change up his song selection and show his range. With that being said, his talent is evident. I predict that he will make it to the top 20, and most likely into the top 10.

By Audrey Shaev

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