Comedian Iliza Shlesinger’s ‘Good on Paper’ Is Coming to Netflix

On May 18, “Unveiled” and “Elder Millennial” comedian Iliza Shlesinger revealed the trailer for her upcoming film “Good on Paper.” “Good on Paper,” which will arrive on Netflix on June 23, is an exciting moment in Iliza’s career. Although not her first acting role, Iliza also wrote the screenplay and is a producer for “Good on Paper.” If you’re a fan of Iliza’s stand-up routine specials and other projects, there’s no doubt that you will want to experience this rom-com too. 

“Good on Paper” is a “(mostly) true story” about fictional stand-up comic Andrea Singer (Iliza Shlesinger) who meets Dennis (Ryan Hansen), her seemingly perfect true love. However, as Andrea continues to fall in love with Dennis, she realizes he may not have checked all her boxes quite as well as she originally thought he did. There’s something suspiciously off about Dennis, and Andrea, along with her best friend (portrayed by fellow comedian Margaret Cho), secretly investigate to discover what Dennis could be hiding from her. 

What starts out as an innocent rom-com quickly becomes a badass operation that Andrea takes into her own hands. “Good on Paper” obviously tackles the issues that come along with dating, but in a more serious yet comedic manner. The trailer leads the audience to wonder: does Dennis really turn out to be a deceitful boyfriend whose life is a lie? And why does it appear that he is playing this wealthy, perfect-guy role? 

The “Good on Paper” trailer opens up even more questions about the film such as what does a happy ending look like for Andrea’s character? Is the ultimate goal to find real love, or is it to taste the victorious feeling of revenge against her seemingly problematic boyfriend? Described as “deadpan,” “raunchy” and “irreverent” by Netflix, “Good on Paper” is perfect for those with a profane sense of humor and a knack for witty comedy. 

From watching the trailer, Iliza’s fans can see her sense of humor displayed in some of the scenes. Being that the film is based on a true story from Iliza’s life, “Good on Paper” will provide a platform for fans to connect and empathize with the beloved comedian as well. It is also evident that Margaret Cho’s humor will shine through really well in her portrayal of Andrea’s best friend. With these two stellar comics on screen, “Good on Paper” already seems to be the enticing Netflix film of the summer. 

In order to prepare for what is sure to be a splendidly fun movie, I highly recommend watching Iliza’s stand-up routines to refresh yourself on what kind of humor might be conveyed throughout “Good on Paper”. My personal favorites of Iliza’s stand-up include: “Unveiled” (2019), “Confirmed Kills” (2016), “Freezing Hot” (2015) and “Elder Millennial” (2018), all of which can be found on Netflix.

“Good on Paper” will be released June 23 on Netflix.

By Lauren Weber


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