The ‘Knives Out 2’ Cast Is Setting High Expectations for Another Whodunit

Two Thanksgivings ago, the world was blessed with Rian Johnson’s whodunit story, “Knives Out,” which took the world by storm. The murder of Harlan Thrombey (the late Christopher Plummer) being pinned on by all sorts of characters, played by the likes of Jamie Lee-Curtis and Chris Evans, left everyone second guessing themselves while also having to ice their ribs because of how hysterically funny it was.

Well, it looks like the laughing will continue as Netflix has announced they will be housing the next two “Knives Out” movies as well as having Daniel Craig return to his role as the great detective sleuth Benoit Blanc. Netflix will have its work cut out though, as the first movie not only produced big returns at the box office, but successfully relieved audiences of their murder-mystery/comedy itch. Although production for “Knives Out 2” has not yet begun, confirmed reports of the cast have been reaching headline news over the past several months, shaping up for what will likely be another fantastic film. The cast of “Knives Out 2” is as follows:

Dave Bautista

Best known for his roles in “Guardians Of The Galaxy” and the recently released Zach Snyder zombie thriller film “Army Of The Dead,” Bautista may come as a surprise for viewers considering his previous work. Rian Johnson, the director, now has experience with a cast of all sorts of different actors, so it will be interesting to see how he will use Bautista and whether or not he will play a typecast role that usually leans toward his physical stature. This being said, with the script of the first “Knives Out” being playful, it should be refreshing enough to see Bautista in a setting where dialogue is at the center of the film. 

Edward Norton

Being the established actor for his roles in cult classics such as “Fight Club” and “American History X,” Norton is considered to be a very pleasant addition to the “Knives Out 2” ensemble. The attachment of Norton is also a good indication for what Johnson’s new script will be like as the Oscar-nominated actor has gotten particular in what roles he wants. His most recent work has been playing characters in Wes Anderson’s “Moonrise Kingdom,” “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and Alejandro González Iñárritu’s “Birdman,” which earned him his most recent Oscar nomination. He is also set to be in Wes Anderson’s new film “The French Dispatch” which is set to release on October 16 of this year. 

Janelle Monáe

An eight-time Grammy nominee, Monae’s rise into Hollywood began with roles in 2016’s “Hidden Figures” and “Moonlight” which won best picture that same year. Since then the talented entertainer has worked on television and film projects such as “Hariet” and the 2020 thriller “Antebellum.” It is unknown right now what Monae’s role will be in the sequel, but audiences on social media praised her addition. There’s no question that Monae has the talent to be in a star studded cast similar to the first “Knives Out.” Nonetheless, it will be a tall task for any member of this film to find a way to stand out and put on a performance that holds on its own. 

Kathryn Hahn

After putting on an amazing performance as a noisy neighbor turned supervillain in Marvel’s “Wandavision,” Hahn is another stellar addition to this cast. With her previous work including “Bad Moms” and HBO’s “I Know This To Be True,” Hahn will fit right in with characters who may or may not be telling the truth. Hahn has shown time and time again how wide her acting range is and while she hasn’t been a usual cast member of big studio movies, she has enough on her resume to convince moviegoers to purchase a ticket. It is also unknown what Hahn’s role will be, but it can be expected for her character to possibly carry a dark secret. 

Leslie Odom Jr. 

With a breakthrough performance as Aaron Burr in “Hamilton,” Leslie Odom Jr. became a popular name within the last few years and delivered strong acting in other great films such as “Harriet” and 2020’s “One Night In Miami.” He is a star when it comes to the big screen as of late and this confirmed addition to the “Knives Out” sequel has solidified itself as one of Hollywood’s most anticipated films. Leslie has proved to critics that he can play the good guy or the villain, and it will be interesting to see how Johnson will utilize him in the already star-crowded cast. 

Kate Hudson

With her upcoming roles in “Mona Lisa And The Blood Moon,” “Shiver” and now “Knives Out 2,” it’s starting to look like there will be a big slate of Kate Hudson movies coming out soon after the actress’s four year break from film. Ever since her breakout role in “Almost Famous” Kate has been a star that can light up the screen whenever she gets the chance. Johnson may use her as a character directly involved with the murder or her character may just be at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Either way, her addition to this film along with all the rest of the cast members listed above is making this film the talk of the town. 

Unlike the first “Knives Out,” this sequel will only be available on Netflix with no mention of a theatrical release. The producers may change this and make it available to both Netflix and in theaters, but the fact that audiences can watch this huge cast of characters in the comfort of their own home is tremendous for both the film’s marketing and its audience reach. 

“Knives Out 2” is set to begin filming in late June and will be available some time in 2022 on Netflix. 

By Jimmy Meyer

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