‘Dave’ Season 2: The Rapper’s Rise to Fame

*contains spoilers

David Andrew Burd, better known as rapper Lil Dicky, is continuing to please fans with Season 2 of his comedy series “Dave.” Following the end of Season 1, Season 2 seems to pick up where the series left off with Dave (Lil Dicky) making serious decisions regarding his upcoming album. To quickly recap Season 1, Dave’s rise to fame slowly begins while he creates relationships with others in the music industry. Additionally, he focuses on ensuring that his creative direction will be respected with the record company he signs with. The season ends with a breakup between Dave and Ally (Taylor Misiak).

In the second season’s first episode, titled “International Gander, ” Dave starts to become the bratty popstar archetype. His unlikable attitude digs graves for his relationships with others including friendships, professional relationships and in his love life.

Before speaking on stage at the Korean Music Awards, Dave becomes incredibly nervous and takes his irritability out on his manager and friend, Mike (Andrew Santino), and hype-man GaTa (GaTa). After his time on stage, Dave’s nerves don’t quite subside, and neither does his attitude towards Mike, GaTa and the intern Dan (Ki Hong Lee); Dave becomes demanding and condescending towards his crew of dedicated helpers. 

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This attitude is a contrast in behavior from the Dave we learned to love and appreciate in the first season. Perhaps this means that Dave is letting the fame get to his head? Maybe, however, the show tries to convince the audience that Dave’s irritability stems from the pressure on his expected upcoming album. In fact, later on we learn that Dave lied about creating songs for his album; he was experiencing writer’s block and only had one song prepared.

Dave’s irritability doesn’t end at the Korean Music Awards. When Korea-native Dan gets taken by Korean police, Dave, Mike and GaTa automatically become helpless tourists in a foreign country. When they go to bail Dan out of jail, it feels almost embarrassing to watch Dave and his friends argue in the jail building; they come off as naive and privileged because Mike focuses on getting the laptop from Dan’s confiscated bag instead of making Dan’s bail the number one priority. 

In fact, “Dave” continues further with Dan’s plot point by leaving the audience in the dark; “International Gander” ends with Dave and his crew in Korea, but Episode 2 “Antsy” begins with Dave, Mike and GaTa back home in California, without Dan. It’s not until later on during a meeting with Dave’s record label that Mike slips in how Dan is “safe by the way” in Korea, but “has been militarized.” Tessa (Meagan Holder) waves off Mike’s comment, not even caring about Dan and their trouble in Korea. This gesture conveys carelessness about Dan, while also showing Dave’s privilege for not having to deal with such a serious situation. 

“Dave” should be applauded for continuing to include controversial conversations on privilege regarding race and fame. Most notably, in Episode 3 “The Observer,” Dave, Benny Blanco (Benny Blanco), GaTa and Tone (Romeo Brown) discuss how Dave and Benny are able to be “bromantic” together without others assuming they are gay based on respect they automatically gain as white artists with high social statuses. On the other hand, GaTa and Tone feel the need to act a certain way to avoid being judged; as Black men, they unfairly face judgemental situations, such as having a bromance, more harshly.


This conversation was an effective way of conveying Dave’s privilege from his rise to fame. However, it wasn’t quite enough to convince Dave to change his attitude. Dave reaches out to Mike, whom he has been disagreeing with lately, but instead of attempting to repair their awkward tension he comes up with excuses and is distracted by other texts during their phone conversation. 

In addition to his pathetic attempt at reaching out to Mike, Dave works up the courage to visit Ally, whom he is obviously still not over. Dave’s constant thoughts about Ally and their interaction may lead viewers to wonder whether the former couple’s spark will reconcile. Or perhaps, the writers of “Dave” are only using this romance to continue a dramatic plot line from Season 1. Regardless, the audience is torn over whether the couple should get back together or not. Many fans believe that unless Dave faces reality and apologizes for his ego getting in the way of their relationship, it would be unfair for Ally to take him back.

Although Dave doesn’t yet have the right attitude to completely repair his relationships, viewers can give him a pat on the back for his small step forward. Season 2 has only just begun, and “Dave” fans are excited to see what happens next for the rapper in the satirical sitcom series. 

“Dave” is available to watch on Hulu and FX with episodes releasing every Thursday.

By Lauren Weber

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