Amazon Prime’s ‘Cinderella’ Will Feature Forward Thinking Stories

On June 30, Amazon Prime released a first look at their upcoming film “Cinderella.” The trailer, which can be found on YouTube, provides just enough information on the juicy details of the live-action film. Although the story of Cinderella has been re-made numerous times, Amazon’s version will feature forward-thinking stories and characters, making it unique and favorable to a broader audience.

An overwhelming number of Cinderella-story films feature the princess as a white, usually blonde, young woman. In Amazon’s version, Cuban-American singer-songwriter Camila Cabello stars as Cinderella, making her the first woman of color to play the princess since singer-songwriter Brandy portrayed the role of Cinderella in 1997. This nearly 23-year gap is closing in much too late, but nevertheless it is still important to continue seeing more and more actors from underrepresented backgrounds representing main roles on screen. 

The trailer opens with Cinderella (Camila Cabello) making optimistic plans to one day open her dress shop, “Dresses by Ella.” Her voiceover tells us she either lives in or works in a basement and is ready to change those circumstances. It’s only appropriate that the sewing machine sitting in front of Cinderella reads “Singer.” Perhaps this provides a double entendre, nodding at the Singer Corporation manufacturing company best known for its sewing machines since 1851, while also hinting at Cinderella’s natural musical talent.

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Following the sewing machine clip in the trailer, Cinderella breaks out into song. As many Camila fans would agree, the singer’s beautiful voice is nothing short of pure entertainment itself. That being said, the modern pop-sounding musical numbers for “Cinderella” will be highly anticipated. 

And if Camila’s show stopping talent wasn’t already enough, why not add musical icon Idina Menzel into the mix? Idina is most known for her roles in “Frozen,” “Wicked” (the musical), “Rent” and “Enchanted.” Considering Idina’s broadway experience and previous villainous roles, playing Cinderella’s stepmother sounds like the perfect role for the talented star. Although we don’t know many other details yet, we can expect to see Idina in her element, singing and impressing the audience with her vocal range and acting expertise. 

Joining Camila and Idina on screen will be Kinky Boots star and Tony Award winner Billy Porter, playing the fairy godmother role. However, instead of the title “fairy godmother,” Billy’s character will be known as the “Fab G” and will be genderless. The genderless character is yet another underrepresented role that will nonetheless add significant importance to “Cinderella” by showing stories from all different walks of life. The LGBTQ+ actor, singer, and style icon, Billy already wows us in the trailer with a sparkling gold number and of course, the quintessential magical wand. 

In addition to an already stellar lineup, more incredible actors have been confirmed for other roles in “Cinderella.” Pierce Brosnan and Minnie Driver will play the king and queen, Maddie Baillio and Charlotte Spencer will play the evil stepsisters and Missy Elliot will be the town crier. In terms of comedy, the film will additionally be nothing short of laughs with John Mulaney, James Corden and Romesh Ranganathan playing footmen in the film. 

Although Camila’s real-life prince charming, Shawn Mendes, won’t be playing her love interest in the film. Instead, Nicholas Galitzine from “Handsome Devil,” “High Strung” and “The Craft: Legacy” will play opposite the princess. 

The underrepresented stories and the outstanding lineup of talent on screen provides much excitement while awaiting Amazon’s upcoming “Cinderella.” The film will hopefully provide a broader range of audiences with its diverse set of relatable characters, especially in terms of race and gender. We can’t wait to watch “Cinderella” and discover new catchy musical numbers as well as witness a traditional story becoming a modern, revolutionary fairytale.

“Cinderella” will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video on Sept. 3.

By Lauren Weber

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