Season 2 of ‘Outer Banks’ Is Coming: Here’s Where We Left Off

Last summer’s streaming was dominated by the twists and turns of the treasure-hunting teen drama “Outer Banks.” John B (Chase Stokes) and his loyal band of Pogues captured the hearts of Netflix watchers everywhere with the mischief and mystery surrounding the warring social classes on the island. The plot never failed to escalate and leave viewers on the edge of their seats, culminating into an addictive adventure that left fans wanting more. Well, good news, Netflix is finally about to deliver. Season 2 is just a few short weeks from being released on the streaming service, and it’s safe to expect just as much adventure as in the first season.

This series follows the protagonist John B and his friends hailing from the working-class “Pogues” as they square-up against the wealthy “Kooks.” To make tensions worse, both groups race to hunt down a treasure that could help explain John B’s father’s disappearance. “Outer Banks” is chock-full of fist fights, murder plots, love triangles and glowing adventures, perfect for fulfilling soapy summer fantasies. The first season dropped multiple bombs on the viewers at its open-ended conclusion, leaving audiences scrambling and begging to see how the show picks up the pieces. 

This being said, with the show’s chaos left at an all-time high at the end of season 1, it beckons a refresher. John B is a fugitive after being framed for the crimes of Ward (Charles Esten) and Rafe (Drew Starkey). Ward is responsible for the death of John B’s father and Rafe shot the town’s sheriff, and this villainous father-son crime duo saw an opportunity to get John B from reaching the gold. The police are actively sweeping the island and have gotten hold of the Pogues, but not before they managed to put John B on a boat with survival supplies in order to flee the island. Sarah (Madelyn Cline), the daughter of Ward, ran to John B’s side after learning of the atrocities her family committed, and the two are presumed dead after their boat capsizes in a tropical storm just off the coast of the Outer Banks. 


Now, with the island assuming they’re dead, Ward and his family are unknowingly in a race against Sarah and John B to the Bahamas where the recovered gold is headed after Ward stole it from the Pogues. A major cliffhanger? Absolutely, but that is what’s giving the series major momentum for the second season. What will the Pogues do without their leader? John B and Sarah made it to the Bahamas, but how will they reclaim their gold? Is there any way for Rafe to redeem himself? Will someone finally arrest Ward?

There are a bounty of questions and theories surrounding the fate of this cast of characters, but one thing that is guaranteed is that the treasure hunt and teen romance will continue. We know Sarah and John B are headed exactly where they need to be to find the gold, but the next trick will be racing against Ward as he heads to the destination to locate the gold. As the quick teaser trailer depicts, the gang will be desperately running in both the Outer Banks and the Bahamas, whether it be from their foes or towards their gold. It is all because of this gold that the domino effect has rippled the lives of both the Pogues and the Kooks, testing where loyalties lie and their divisive social landscape for good. Ward, for instance, often has his greed softened at the idea of protecting his family. Sarah, although clearly his favorite child, is now working against him, fueling this deep value he has now placed in the gold. This likely means darker circumstances for those who try to get in this villain’s way considering his daughter’s betrayal has most certainly hardened him. The Pogues will also probably be in a fragile state since they believe their backbone, John B, is dead. Now, they will not only be pushed to react with vengeance over a clear pursuit of justice, but be tried by the underlying romances between them that could present a new source of tension. Not to mention, the betrayal they might experience if John B and Sarah return alive and pounds of gold richer will be crippling for the seemingly tightly knit group. Clearly, the story of the Outer Banks is only beginning, with riveting, more twisted avenues and adventures in store.

There’s only so much to be pulled from a 30-second teaser and a Season 1 finale riddled with loose ends, especially since the production team and cast alike have been maintaining the show’s mystery in every interview. Undoubtedly, all of this hype has been building anticipation for an even better season in store. Luckily, the second season is coming in just enough time to have a binge-worthy summer and pull audiences back into the enigmatic energy that radiated from “Outer Banks’” debut this time last year. Mystery, drama, crime and romance, there’s something for everyone when the show returns to Netflix on July 30.

“Outer Banks” is available to stream on Netflix.

By Elisabeth Hudak

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