Everything You Need to Know About the DCEU’s ‘Black Adam’ Starring Dwayne Johnson

Strong, strapping and unmistakable, it seems it was only a matter of time before someone nicknamed “The Rock” received a standalone superhero movie. Dwayne Johnson couldn’t be more ecstatic to be bringing to life a comic book character whom he refers to as the “most unstoppable force in the DC Universe or ANY endgame universe.” That character is none other than the notorious Black Adam. This villain will be transformed into an anti-hero for the film, guaranteeing an electrifying origin story that will pave the way for a new franchise in the DCEU.

While the details of the film have been kept tightly under wraps, there is much to consider for the film’s premise when looking at the Black Adam of the comic books. One of the definite links to the DCEU as it stands is its wildly successful superhero movie “Shazam!” where Black Adam was originally set to be the villain. This production choice was altered, though, since comic Black Adam is insanely powerful, a true force to be reckoned with – one that Shazam may not have been ready to face in his origin story on the big screen. All of this being said, the character of the comics was originally a terrifying villain. The character was an ancient Egyptian who was granted the powers of the wizard Shazam because he was initially viewed as morally upright and worthy of the power. With a shout of the word “shazam,” he at first transformed into Mighty Adam, until he grew corrupt from the depth of his power and became the Black Adam that will appear on-screen. In recent years the comic book writers turned the character into an anti-hero that continually faces off against the good and noble Shazam depicted in the DCEU already. All of this seems to be lining up nicely for “Black Adam” and “Shazam!” to collide on-screen in the future.

One thing’s for certain when it comes to the “Black Adam” movie and it’s that it will look like no comic book film has looked before. Dwayne Johnson’s character is being enlivened with cutting-edge technology fit for a cutting-edge anti-hero. Such a powerful character needs to be portrayed not only by a bold actor, but equally bold strokes need to be taken for groundbreaking cinematography. The minds at the DCEU understand this, and were thrilled to share with the public their use of a camera that shoots at 960 frames per second. Considering most movies are filmed at 24 frames per second, it’s mind-blowing to try and fathom what this will look like in “Black Adam.” Unfortunately, none of the clips from the film have been released yet, and you can’t really blame the DCEU for withholding them because this secrecy only heightens the excitement and anticipation for the new, innovative action hero movies coming to the DCEU. Fans have at least been able to look at the concept art. So far it has ensured a momentous and exhilarating aesthetic for “Black Adam” to send shockwaves through the audience.

Dwayne Johnson and the DCEU together, have anxiously anticipated  for his booming debut as the titular anti-hero considering Johnson’s excitement for this massive movie pouring through all of the promos he shares on social media. Despite its filming setbacks from the pandemic, it’s been made clear that this film alone could change the face of superhero cinema. The actor feels truly privileged to have a hand in it. Following along with the star is sure to provide an inside peek at what’s in store for “Black Adam,” but with filming wrapped, there’s even a chance at a trailer release of the DCEU’s advanced camera techniques in action arriving soon. Get ready to see “The Rock” in the comics like you never have before!

DCEU’s “Black Adam” is set to premiere July 29, 2022.

By Elisabeth Hudak

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