‘Last Night In Soho’ Delayed to Halloween Due to Competition

The next anticipated feature from Edgar Wright, “Last Night in Soho,” has been delayed another week and will now hit theaters Halloween weekend. Starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Thomasin McKenzie, and Matt Smith, the horror film was shrouded in mystery for quite some time. The only plot details that were given through the trailer released earlier this year revealed that this film is potentially some sort of time-traveling horror show involving Taylor-Joy and McKenzie’s characters. When the trailer was released, audiences finally got a better glimpse at what’s in store from Edgar Wright’s next flick, but there is certainly much more to speculate. 

McKenzie will play Eloise, an aspiring fashion designer with a sixth sense and an obsession with 60s icon Sandy, played by Anya Taylor-Joy. When Eloise mysteriously transports back to 1966 London, she finds herself in the body of Sandy and enters into a relationship with Jack (Matt Smith). As with most movies of this genre, not everything is as it seems and when you mess with time, the ghosts of the past tend to mess with you back. It is still unclear how exactly Eloise is traveling back in time and what sort of ghosts are haunting her and now audiences are going to have to wait just a little bit longer before they get to see this story unravel. 

Parisa Taghizadeh / Focus Features

In an interview with MTV earlier this year, Taylor-Joy said the footage she’s seen from “Last Night in Soho” has terrified her. “Not to say much about the movie, but when I watch bits of it back in ADR, or whatever, I am disturbed,” Taylor-Joy said. “It’s very claustrophobic. The colors are so intense. It’s a really well-directed acid trip. I think people will really like it. You definitely will not be bored.” Based on all information so far, “Last Night in Soho” is sure to be an unforgettable experience for the cast and crew, as well as for audiences everywhere.

 With “Dune” being delayed to “Last Night In Soho’s” former release date, it’s clear that Universal and Focus Features wanted to avoid debuting their film on the same day as the sci-fi blockbuster. Coincidentally, the horror film will now land in theaters two days before Halloween, a seemingly perfect time. However, the delayed date of Oct. 29 also has been set for Guillermo del Toro’s long-awaited film “Antlers.” Whether or not the studios want their horror films to go up against each other remains to be seen, but both films are stylistically different enough that they won’t necessarily be directly competing with one another. 

Still, “Last Night in Soho” may ultimately be the box office winner. Not only is Taylor-Joy one of the most exciting actresses working today, but Wright’s long awaited follow up to 2017’s “Baby Driver” has been years in the making. Like del Toro, Wright has a solid cult following and it’s likely that there is some crossover in both director’s fandoms. Still, “Last Night in Soho” will likely fare well at the box office, especially after a year with no major releases. Audiences are clamoring to return to theaters and October will usher in a new slate of exciting horror films that audiences will check out in droves. 

By Jimmy Meyer

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