‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Final Season Trailer Reveals New Adventures

Fans of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” are excited for the eighth season to begin airing on Aug. 12. Although it will be the final season of the series, the trailer — which was released on July 29 — reveals a few new adventures to look forward to in the upcoming season.

The trailer begins with best friend duo Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) and Jake (Andy Samberg) reminiscing about their time together. Charles confesses his fears to Jake of not being able to spend time together in the near future, and wishes that the pair could grow old together. This  obviously triggers Jake’s emotions, but at first he doesn’t want to admit to Charles that he is crying.

The fearful and sad emotions conveyed are purposefully creating a dramatic and suspenseful setting, which just makes the remainder of the sitcom trailer even funnier. In other words, the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” trailer is using emotions to create comedic moments. 

For example, in the following scene Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) talks to Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) in his usual monotone voice with the slightest hint of emotion, exclaiming he mistakenly sent a “digital phallus portrait.” In shock, Rosa urgently declares that Holt is talking about a “dick pic.” Even though the trailer uses suspenseful music and a deep dramatic voiceover, viewers can’t help but laugh at the awkwardly hilarious exchange between Holt and Rosa.

The trailer continues to utilize this pattern of purposefully failing to make silly moments dramatic ones. You don’t need to be a fan of the show to understand how funny the dramatically conveyed scenes are. 

Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz), Amy (Melissa Fumero) and Jake (Andy Samberg), NBC

Aside from the alleged suspenseful setting, the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” trailer also illustrates more about the main group’s relationships and adventures together. Viewers will follow Jake and Amy (Melissa Fumero) along their journey of raising their baby, Matt, and Jake (as usual) will be attempting to teach Captain Holt how to correctly use cool adolescent lingo. This sneak peak into Season 8 also confirms that fan-favorite recurring characters will be returning in the final season such as Gina (Chelsea Peretti), Adrian Pimento (Jason Mantzoukas), Holt’s husband Kevin (Marc Evan Jackson) and Doug and Trudy Judy (Craig Robinson and Nicole Byer, respectively). 

In addition to the exciting returning guest stars, is it possible that there will be another episode similar to the iconic “Beach House” episode from Season 2? In two scenes of the trailer we see Rosa sitting comfortably on a couch in a cozy, cabin-like setting. Next to her, stands Charles and Amy holding a baby (likely Matt). This cabin-like setting insinuates the possibility that the gang goes on a detective getaway or retreat together similar to their trip in “Beach House.” Is there a chance of us seeing Vacation Terry (Terry Crews) again? Does a Seven-Drink Amy exist, even with baby Matt?

Not only is there a possibility of re-living the “Beach House” episode, but it seems that Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker) and Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller) will be performing their usual duties of embarrassing the rest of the precinct. This aspect is especially evident in the trailer clip where all the Hitchcocks and Scullys from the other district arrive at the 99th Precinct; their presence creates a room full of older, lazy, senselessly immature detectives. 


Will the creators of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” create a happy and meaningful end for Hitchcock and Scully? Will we ever see their responsibility shine, or will they never reach a new character peak for the remainder of the series? Despite their laziness and immaturity, Hitchcock and Scully’s devoted friendship is undeniably admirable at times. So, fans can wish only for the happiest of endings, even for the least popular detectives at the Nine-Nine.

All of these highly-anticipated questions that the trailer makes us wonder about will hopefully be answered in the final season of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” Although viewers are sad that the series is ending, there is no doubt that fans will continuously be re-watching the hilarious sitcom for years to come. From the trailer alone, the final adventures of our favorite crew at the 99th Precinct seem unforgettably entertaining and especially silly. And what else would we expect from such a hilarious and notably successful series?

On Aug.12, the eighth and final season of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” begins at 8 p.m. ET, with new episodes airing every Thursday on NBC, and streaming on Hulu and Peacock the next day.

By Lauren Weber

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