‘Cooking With Paris’ Is Not Your Average Cooking Show

Edible glitter, bedazzled cookware and iconic outfits? That’s hot. Netflix recently released “Cooking With Paris,” with Paris Hilton taking on a new role in culinary arts. Socialite, singer, actress, DJ and now chef, Paris does it all. This series follows Paris’s recent documentary, “This is Paris,” which was released last year, where she speaks out about her time in the troubled teen industry in which she advocates for survivors alike, while taking part in the “Breaking Code Silence” movement. This series offers Paris a chance to rebrand herself after becoming well known for her hit series, “The Simple Life” co-starring Nicole Richie. 

Paris tries her hand at some new recipes, all of which are featured in her handmade, bedazzled cookbook, with the help of some famous co-stars, such as life-long friend Kim Kardashian, rapper Saweetie and comedian Nikki Glaser. The recipes are as iconic as Paris, featuring unicornolis (unicorn cannolis), frosted flake french toast and a Paris original, glitter turkey. 

Paris has become well known for being a ditzy, rich girl and though she stays true to character, she also shows a little bit of a different side of herself in this series. Every once in a while, Paris seems to break character by talking in a more monotone voice and cursing more often than usual. Yet, she carries herself with grace nonetheless, fully embracing her character while in the most iconic Paris Hilton outfits.


The series is quite humorous as Paris makes it well known throughout that she is no culinary genius, but is willing to give each recipe her best shot. At the start of each episode, we see Paris walk into a local grocery store to purchase the ingredients needed for her recipe. Of course she sticks out like a sore thumb as this may or may not be her first time actually buying her own groceries, in addition to her blinding accessories catching the eye of onlookers. In one episode, Paris is seen picking up a raw turkey and she is not the least bit impressed. In another, we see Paris asking a store associate what chives look like but to be fair, what DO chives look like? Additionally, watching Paris maneuver her way through her fully-equipped kitchen is quite entertaining as it’s obvious it’s the room she spends the least amount of time in. 

Paris is well-known for her funky lingo and it’s no surprise that she blesses us with some new terminology. Paris recently created the word “sliving” which translates to “slaying while living your best life.” The term can be found in the online dictionary; it’s that serious. Paris often uses the term after successfully carrying out a cooking task. 

Paris isn’t the only one entertaining us in this series; her famous co-stars also use this time as a learning experience in the kitchen. Kim Kardashian claims to love cooking and states she cooks breakfast for her four children regularly. We might need a fact-check on this as we know how busy the Kardashian clan is, along with it being common knowledge that they often fancy a good restaurant. However, Kim seems to at least know her way around the kitchen. Some other co-stars, such as Demi Lovato, admit to not knowing a whole lot about cooking, instead they take on the “winging it” approach, which is the highly favored approach for Paris, making for a very entertaining episode. The recipe ends up being a disaster and is the only time in the series they have to bring out a backup.

This series is refreshing, as we see Paris in a new light. In her previous reality show, “The Simple Life,” we saw the spoiled, privileged version of her but now we get to see her break out of her shell and give her all into something she’s not obligated too, due to her celebrity status. Overall, the series is amusing and could be binged in a couple hours, as it’s only six episodes long. It’s still undeclared whether or not a second season is on the table but many fans are hoping for it’s return. Some fans are even suggesting who should co-star in the next season. One Twitter user wrote, “I would totally be down to watch both @britneyspears and @ParisHilton on an episode of #CookingWithParis on @netflix.” I don’t know who wouldn’t be down for such amusing content.

“Cooking With Paris” is available to stream on Netflix.

By Mia Godorov

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