Han So-hee and Ahn Bo-hyun Star in Netflix’s New K-Drama ‘My Name’

If you have ever wondered how many stab wounds a person can endure, “My Name” is the perfect show for you. Fresh off the hype of “Squid Game,” audiences are craving more from the world of K-Drama and that’s exactly what “My Name” offers.

For many people, “Squid Game” was their first venture into Korean media and they were immediately captivated by the exciting plot, shock value and characters. Thankfully, Netflix has released a new K-Drama called “My Name” for viewers to binge-watch. 

“My Name” follows the story of Yoon Ji-Woo (Han So-hee) as she is taken under the wing of the infamous crime boss, Choi Mujin (Park Hee-soon), in the wake of her father’s murder. She trains with the organized crime unit, Dongcheon, and eventually infiltrates the narcotics unit of the Korean police all in hopes of avenging her father’s death. 

Ahn Bo-hyun as Jeon Pil-do, police partner of Yoon Ji-Woo. Courtesy of Netflix.

Along with her partner, Jeon Pil-do (Ahn Bo-hyun), Ji-Woo helps the police close in on Dongcheon and Mujin while serving as a double agent.

After the success of “Squid Game,” many viewers who began experimenting with other K-Dramas have been left wondering, where is season 2? If you are a seasoned K-Drama watcher, you know it is rare for these shows to have more than one season. It is typical for the story to be completed within eight to ten episodes.

This has both a good side and a bad side to it. On one side, it means that despite whatever heartbreaking or gut-wrenching ending there is, there will be no chance for redemption. But on the other side, it means that there is a guaranteed action-filled, binge-worthy season waiting to be watched. 

Oftentimes in Western media, shows can be dragged out for multiple seasons, causing audiences to become disengaged or for the plot to become tired. With K-Dramas, the integrity of the story remains throughout the season and there is room for just enough twists and turns to keep the viewers interested.

Despite K-Dramas often being one season, it’s difficult to finish the finale of “My Name” and not crave more of Han’s character and her amazing fight scenes. There is something so satisfying about watching Ji-Woo single-handedly take down a room full of grown men who underestimate her. 

Park Hee-soon as infamous crime boss, Choi Mujin. Courtesy of Netflix.

The eight-episode season will have viewers fully engaged as each one is jam-packed with intense fight scenes, plot twists and a splash of the typical K-Drama romance. Even those blessed with the skill of plot prediction will not be able to guess where the story is going.

In true K-Drama fashion, multiple questions remain unanswered until the final two episodes when the action builds up to an explosive finale. Here is a fair warning to grab tissues before watching the finale. Between the reveals, the heartbreak and the death, viewers will have little time before experiencing the five stages of grief. 

The drama perfectly portrays female strength, vulnerability and a classic tale of revenge. The intense violence and emotion shown throughout the season will have viewers covering their eyes and wiping away their tears. 

The plot building and the twists that come with this show are reminiscent of what caught viewers’ attention with “Squid Game” in the first place. Both dramas combine themes of violence, friendship, family and desperation to make for an emotional rollercoaster worthy of a watch.

“My Name” is currently streaming on Netflix.

By Lily Williams

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