The Jonas Brothers Get Roasted

Netflix recently released the “Jonas Brothers Family Roast” available for all the new and old Jonas Brothers fans alike to stream. Since their re-entry into the music world as a group in 2019 after a nearly six-year hiatus, fans have been loving their content for both music and nostalgia purposes. 

The roast featured comedians such as Lilly Singh, Gabriel Iglesias, Jack Whitehall and Pete Davidson. Singers Niall Horan and John Legend also made appearances as well as the brothers’ wives Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas. 

The roast opened up with the famous band members, Joe, Nick and Kevin, as they flash back to their acting days with multiple skits. The skits poked fun at their brotherly relationship and even at the early 2000’s classic film, “Camp Rock.” The audience saw the charm and banter between the brothers that made people fall in love with them over a decade ago. The skits served their purpose as a warm-up for the audience as they were then greeted by the host, Kenan Thompson.

Joe Jonas and his wife, Sophie Turner. Courtesy of Netflix.

The first comedian to take the stage was Lilly Singh, the Canadian comedian who is a friend of the Jonas Brothers. Singh poked fun at the brother’s “basic” appearance and of course, included multiple jokes about Kevin since he has long been deemed the least popular out of the three. At least Singh gave him some credit as she said “Kevin is actually my favorite Jonas Brother,” before finishing it with, “because he makes you believe that anyone can be a pop star.” 

The joke received laughs from the audience, but social media users have been quick to criticize Singh, calling her performance not funny and her jokes overused from her previous performances. It wasn’t only Singh that received criticism on social media.. Many viewers of the roast are saying that it wasn’t funny at all and that the jokes weren’t harsh enough.

Perhaps the saving grace of the rather bland roast was Sophie Turner, the wife of Joe Jonas. The British actress best known for her performance in “Game of Thrones” began dating Joe in 2016 and the couple later married in 2019. Turner had the audience roaring with laughter as her jokes had many viewers wondering how long she’s been waiting to air out these grievances throughout their relationship. 

Turner immediately went for the jugular as she began her segment with the topic of the brother’s purity rings. The Jonas Brothers were well known for wearing purity rings in their early days, but Turner made sure there was no confusion as she exposed her husband for testing the waters in other ways with singers, actresses and supermodels. She compared the story of the purity rings to a modern-day “Cinderella,” as she said, “finally, the finger fit me,” causing the audience and viewers alike to erupt in laughter. Although she isn’t known as a comedian, Turner certainly seemed like a natural on the stage as she ended her segment by telling Joe, “don’t wait up, Pete Davidson slipped me his phone number.”

Pete Davidson, wearing and “I heart Jonas” shirt. Courtesy of Netflix.

Among the short list of praised performers from the roast was comedian Jack Whitehall. Whitehall joined Turner in making some of the edgier jokes of the night that audiences often watch roasts to hear. His segment surrounded his “obsession” with the Jonas Brothers that often caused him to be the target of bullying growing up. Intertwined with some crude humor, Whitehall secured his spot as one of the best performers of the night.

Fans praised the performances of Turner and Whitehall. Pete Davidson also provided his usual goofy and shocking sense of humor that is loved by many. He was even introduced at the beginning of the roast wearing an ironic “I Heart Jonas” shirt while making fun of everything from Kevin being unpopular to Joe and Sophie Turner’s sex life.

Although not all the guests were as hard-hitting and inappropriate as many have been on roasts in the past, the “Jonas Brothers Family Roast” was overall enjoyable and proved that maybe it’s true that the British do comedy better.

“Jonas Brothers Family Roast” is currently streaming on Netflix.

By Lily Williams

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