Everything We Know About the South Korean ‘Money Heist’

Fans all over the world are mourning the end of the beloved Spanish Netflix series, “Money Heist.” But have no fear, a South Korean remake will be arriving on Netflix to fill the void in viewers’ hearts.

The remake was announced in December 2020, with minimal details other than it will be a fresh take on the Spanish series and it will be taking place on the Korean peninsula. After about a year, more details have come out, allowing K-Drama fans and “Money Heist” fans alike to become excited. 

Fresh off the hype of the popular K-Drama “Squid Game,” actor Park Hae-soo will star as Berlin in the remake, a fan favorite from the original. Other members of the cast list include Jeon Jung-seo as Tokyo, Yoo Ji-tae as the Professor and Jang Yoon-ju as Nairobi. 

Although the cast list has fans eager to see their favorites brought back to life, Jeon Jung-seo revealed that the Korean characters will have very different personalities than their Spanish counterparts. The revelation is sure to leave fans wondering how they could ever change the snarkiness of Nairobi or the impulsive tendencies of Tokyo.

The filming and development of the Korean remake was unfortunately halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so details have been slow to become publicized. Thankfully, as fans finish up the final episodes of the Spanish original that were recently released, Netflix released a message from Park Hae-soo where he talks more about the Korean remake. 

In the message, Park is seen holding the now-iconic mask of Salvador Dalí that the bank robbers wear. Park mentions that in the Korean version, the band of robbers will have their own masks, hinting that the infamous Dalí mask will be replaced with something else. Until its release, what the mask will look like is up to the viewer’s imagination.

While thanking the fans and showing his appreciation for the original series, Park revealed that the remake will premiere sometime in 2022. Until then, fans can rewatch the original on Netflix and relive the drama, romance and heartbreaking character deaths that spanned five seasons.

Considering the popularity of K-Dramas and Korean media such as “Squid Game,” “My Name” and of course, the international success of K-Pop groups like BTS and BLACKPINK, there is no doubt that the Korean “Money Heist” will have the same hype and attraction. Paired with a promising cast, the remake is definitely something Netflix viewers should be looking forward to in 2022. 

Reimagining a newly ended series, and such a beloved one, is a daunting task. The original has garnered quite the fanbase over the years who have expressed their love and even their criticism towards some of the writing choices. With the ending of the series now available on Netflix, it leaves fans wondering how the Korean version will make changes or if the plot will remain the same. Staunch advocates for the series will probably want the plot to remain untouched, while others may be praying for a different universe in which their favorite characters survive.

The Spanish version of “Money Heist” is streaming now on Netflix and the Korean remake will be released on the platform sometime in 2022.

By Lily Williams

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