Taylor Tomlinson Shines in ‘Look at You’

The Netflix comedy special has become such a prolific type of entertainment that you could probably now classify it as its own genre. Seemingly every week a different comedian premieres a new set recorded on a beautiful stage. As a comedy enthusiast, I know it can be exciting to see that so many specials are available to stream but can also find it easy to get lost in the ocean of comedy sets. Taylor Tomlinson has created a new special that stands out among the best. On March 8, Netflix dropped “Taylor Tomlinson: Look at You.”

This new special showcases Tomlinson in true comic form: on the stage with a mic, stool and water bottle. Following “Quarter Life Crisis,” this is the comedian’s second Netflix special. In the special, she discusses coping with mental illness, relationships and the loss of her mother all while cracking jokes. While these are incredibly serious topics, Tomlinson does a skilled job at making light of her situations in a way that lets herself process without alienating the audience. Referencing her recent diagnosis of bipolar disorder, her father’s advice for dealing with depressive episodes and her recent discovery of life on medication, Tomlinson opens up about her journey to self-improvement while also showcasing stories from her youth.

Taylor Tomlinson in “Look at You.” Courtesy of Netflix.

As a comedian, Tomlinson has a unique presence that’s commanding but friendly. She’s one of those people that you could watch going about everyday experiences and still find fascinating. Her charm is one of the most stand-out aspects of the special. Throughout the entire set, we see her presence stay strong as she reflects on her perceptions of life. An hour-long comedy set requires stamina and can be exhausting, tiring out any comic regardless of their experience in the industry. Factoring in the heavy topics she discusses, it is awe-inspiring to see Tomlinson’s poise on stage. While already an established comedian, there is no doubt about Taylor Tomlinson’s strong future as a comic as she continues to make witty anecdotes and showcase her unique perspective of the world.

As previously mentioned, the topics covered in “Look at You” would be considered far from easy to address, but Tomlinson’s spunk and clever writing allow us to see a unique and humorous perspective of the comedian’s life. She even mentions how her having a dead mom can be upsetting, but that she will make sure to include plenty of d*ck jokes and pop culture references to act as a buffer. While the jokes can be uncomfortable to hear, Tomlinson guides us through them masterfully. Her stories are hers to tell and while they may not be easy, they are poised and comical.

Ultimately, “Look at You” is the perfect stand-up special for new or old fans of Taylor Tomlinson and comedy enthusiasts alike. If you’re in the mood to watch a heavy but insightful stand-up special from a promising young comedian, this hour-long comedy special is worth checking out.

“Look at You” is available to stream on Netflix.

By Nicole Parisi

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