What to Watch Before the Emmys

The Emmy nominations are out, which likely means you scrolled through the list thinking, “I’ve heard that show is good” and “I’ve been meaning to watch that!” With the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards less than two months away, there’s no better time to catch up on the best that television has to offer. It’s time to ask your mom for her HBO Max password because HBO and HBO Max racked up an astounding 140 nominations and are home to multiple top recognized shows. Here are the hit shows garnering the most attention from the Television Academy that will likely have quite the trophy collection by the end of the night on Sept. 12. These five shows feature wild characters you’ll love (or love to hate) and gripping storylines that will keep you clicking “Next Episode.”


Courtesy of HBO.

In “Succession,” the world of corporate power and immense privilege is satirized perfectly through the drama of one of the most jaw-droppingly dysfunctional and selfish families on TV.  Centering around the aging owner of a global media conglomerate and his children fighting for control over the company, the HBO drama’s third season received a whopping 25 nominations. The Television Academy especially applauded the show’s strong ensemble cast with the bickering Roy Family played by Brian Cox, Jeremy Strong, Kieran Culkin and Sarah Snook all nominated along with ten other supporting and guest actors. With nine Emmy wins already under its belt, including Outstanding Drama Series in 2020, “Succession” is destined to make its mark once again at the ceremony. 

“Succession” is available for streaming on HBO Max.

“The White Lotus” 

Courtesy of HBO.

If you haven’t had enough of outrageous rich people yet, you need to check out HBO’s hilarious and satirical mini-series revolving around the guests and employees at a Hawaiian resort over one shocking and life-changing week. Boasting 20 nominations, the show is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat with insanely awkward interactions, a hodgepodge of unbelievably out-of-touch characters and an anxiety-inducing score. The show made a huge splash in the Limited or Anthology Series categories, with eight nominations celebrating its hysterical cast and plenty of praise for its production, particularly the music. This won’t be the last we hear of the series as it has been renewed for a second season that will feature star Jennifer Coolidge with a whole new cast and vacation destination. 

“The White Lotus” is streaming on HBO Max.

“Ted Lasso”

Courtesy of Apple TV+.

Tied for second with “The White Lotus” for nominations, this Apple TV sports comedy follows Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis), an American college football coach who has been hired to coach an English soccer team, despite knowing nothing about the sport. With loveable characters and an endearing fish-out-of-water storyline, the show will capture your heart whether or not you like football, the American or British kind. With season one earning the show seven Emmys in 2021, including two of the highest comedy awards, Best Series and Best Lead Actor, the show has a good chance of gaining a few more trophies this year, especially for its all-star cast which received a total of ten nominations. 

“Ted Lasso” is streaming on Apple TV Plus


Courtesy of HBO.

HBO’s next biggest Emmy success is the 17-time nominated “Hacks” which explores the twisted mentorship between a standup comedy legend (Jean Smart) and a young, outcast comedy writer (Hannah Einbinder). Smart and Einbinder make an irresistible odd couple and their onscreen chemistry has led them both to be nominated two years in a row, with Smart winning for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series in 2021. As if their season one relationship wasn’t tempestuous enough, the season two drama escalates to a whole other level as the women hit the road together for a comedy tour. As Smart described to USA Today, “The highs are higher and the lows are lower because they know each other better now.”

“Hacks” is available for streaming on HBO Max.

“Only Murders in the Building” 

Courtesy of Hulu.

This mystery-comedy about three true crime-obsessed neighbors who find themselves investigating an actual murder also received 17 nods, helping Hulu reach a record 58 nominations. Fans love the show for maintaining the beloved charm of its stars, Steve Martin and Martin Short. Meanwhile, Selena Gomez is an unexpected addition that turns the classic duo into a delightful trio. Even with the show’s dark and murderous concept, it is full of laughs and heartwarming moments that will be sure to bring you joy and comfort. Its first season, which the Emmys have applauded for directing, music and Martin and Short’s performances, has already been followed up by a season two which premiered at the end of June. 

“Only Murders in the Building” is streaming on Hulu.

The 74th Emmys Awards will air Monday, Sept. 12 on NBC and live stream on Peacock.

By Emily Ince

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