Netflix’s ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Is Ending With Season 4

After the long ride of traveling city to city with the Hargreeves superhero family, creator and showrunner Steve Blackman has decided to make season four its final season.

The Netflix series is about billionaire industrialist Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) adopting seven babies who were all born on the same day in 1989 to random mothers who were not pregnant prior to giving birth. After adopting the children, the Umbrella Academy was created, and he prepared the children to save the planet earth. The siblings fought throughout their lives until they reached their teenage years. Years later the six surviving members come together after Hargreeves passes and work together to solve the mystery around their father’s death. The siblings often clash due to having different personalities and powers, but with the world coming to an end they don’t have much time to rekindle their old conflicts. The series is based on the comics and graphic novels written by singer Gerard Way, who was also lead singer of the band “My Chemical Romance.”  

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Season three, which was released earlier this year, started with the Hargreeves trying to get their home back after finding out their dad replaced them with a new family of superheroes and created the Sparrow Academy instead of the Umbrella Academy. When the Hargreeves tried to make their way back into the academy it wasn’t easy. They found that their brother Ben (Justin H. Min), who died during a mission in their original timeline, was now alive and a part of the Sparrows who are much stronger than the Hargreeves. Despite the fact the two groups fight throughout the season, they eventually came together to save the world from ending once again- but a lot of the group’s priorities changed. Luther (Tom Hopper) fell in love with a member of Sparrow academy, Diego (David Castañeda) came into a relationship with Lila (Ritu Arya), Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) was still heartbroken over missing her husband and daughter from the previous timeline, and Klaus (Robert Sheehan) learned how to control his powers while working with Sir Hargreeves. Number five (Aidan Gallagher) decided to give up on saving the world after saving it so many times. 

After fighting for their lives to save the world at the end of season three, Viktor (Elliot Page), Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, Number Five, Ben, and Lila realize their dad, Sir Hargreeves was trying to destroy them. Allison eventually kills her dad and proceeds to push a red button that places the groups into a new timeline in which they’re without powers, have missing siblings, and their dad is the leader of the world. 

Blackman told Tudum when asked about the season four timeline, “There are new enemies who want to see them wiped out of existence, but how do they manage without their powers? Is there even a way to get them back? The stakes have never been greater.”  

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He also told Tudum, when asked about Ben being either a Hargreeves or Sparrow in season four, “Let’s be clear that is Sparrow Ben. The question you should really be asking yourself is what the f**k is he doing on a Korean subway train reading a book about pottery? Odd, right? Of course, it is! This is the Umbrella Academy. As every good Umbrella fan knows, no moment in the show exists in isolation. Everything we see has meaning. And this moment is no exception. Ben has a reason to be there… but you’ll have to wait until Season 4 to understand why.” 

Although many fans are sad to see that this will be the last season for the superhero family, after “The Umbrella Academy” came out in 2019, Steve Blackman announced he will be working on two new tv series “Horizon Zero Dawn” that’s based on a video game about a world in the future that’s made of huge machines with a warrior, Aloy, who is destined to save the world and “’Orbital” about women and men living in space trying to rely on each other until trust is lost. Fans asked whether both series connected to “The Umbrella Academy” and Blackman made it known both series were not connected at all to the series.

The release date of the final season of “The Umbrella Academy” has not been announced yet, but many say it should be released by 2023 or 2024. 

“The Umbrella Academy” seasons 1-3 are available to stream on Netflix.

By Kendall Mayes

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