Netflix’s ‘Do Revenge’ Is the Perfect Gen Z Movie

Netflix’s newest teen comedy, “Do Revenge,” revolves around two high school girls, Drea (Camila Mendes) and Eleanor (Maya Hawke) who form an unlikely friendship. After they’re both betrayed by the people nearest to them, they collaborate to seek revenge on one another’s bullies. While this movie is brimming with Gen Z Hollywood actors, it also unites cast members from “Riverdale,” “Outer Banks,” “Stranger Things” and “Euphoria.”

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Mendes stated that the film doesn’t feel much like a high school movie since “it’s not really about being in high school as much as it is about working through your trauma as a teenager.” We feel you, Camila. 

“Do Revenge” is not like most rom-coms. Instead, it takes its viewers on a rollercoaster filled with the highs and lows of adolescence with intelligent protagonists and iconic quotes (one of them being “Drea and I, we were two wounded soldiers on the battlefield of adolescence”). 

Camila Mendes as Drea. Courtesy of Netflix.

The outfits alone in this film are such a fashion statement. “Do Revenge’s” costume designer, Alana Morshead, was inspired by teen movies like “10 Things I Hate About You” for the cast member’s costumes. When it came to Drea, Morshead, like most designers these days, was inspired by the ’90s.

Since Morshead had limited funding when it came to the costumes, destinations like eBay and thrift shops were her best friend. The clothes that she gathered then formed the Gen Z version of the closets found in the iconic teen movies that Morshead watched in her childhood.

“I loved ‘Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion’ and ‘10 Things I Hate About You,’” she says in an interview with W Magazine. “I wanted to take those movies and update them to make them more current. We still talk about all those movies from 20 years ago, so maybe, 20 years from now, we’ll also be talking about ‘Do Revenge.’”

Maya Hawke as Eleanor. Courtesy of Netflix.

The costumes in the movie aren’t the only thing that scream Gen Z. The film includes a typical “queen bee” character which is frequently utilized in teen movies. It also touches on the experiences we have as teenagers that feel distinct from other stages of our lives. 

There are also references throughout “Do Revenge” that come from iconic teen movies such as the hallway scene from “Mean Girls” and the paint-throwing fight in “10 Things I Hate About You.” The nostalgia pulls us in while the humor and edge are so classic Gen Z that the film turns into a force of its own.

Not to mention, the headmaster in the film is played by Sarah Michelle Gellar who acted in ‘90s rom-coms like “Cruel Intentions” and “Simply Irresistible,” drawing in viewers of all ages to watch “Do Revenge.” 

Additionally, the film is not surrounded by a romanticized version of reality either. Instead, it feels honest and real. It’s the new and improved version of the classic story of learning to take advantage of the world around you. Watching the movie is like seeing the world — both the great parts and the terrible parts. Make sure to grab your popcorn and snacks. It’s time to stream “Do Revenge” on Netflix! 

“Do Revenge” is available to stream on Netflix.

By Brianna DiMaio

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