Background Behind the Film ‘X’ and How ‘Pearl’ the Sequel Was Created

*Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for the film “Pearl” that was released this month. .

A24 “X”

“Pearl,” a movie produced by A24 and directed by filmmaker Ti West, is one of the top thrillers out right now. The film is a prequel to the movie “X” which released earlier this year. The film is loosely inspired by a true story about couple Ray & Faye Copeland, the oldest serial killer couple ever. 

“X” takes place in 1979 about adult film star Maxine Minx (Mia Goth) and her producer boyfriend Wayne (Martin Henderson). They travel with friends Bobby-Lyne (Brittany Snow), Jackson (Kid Cudi), director RJ (Owen Campbell) and girlfriend Lorraine (Jenna Ortega) to shoot a homemade adult film. They arrive on the farmland of Howard (Stephen Ure) and Pearl (Mia Goth) who welcome them to stay and shoot their film. The group thinks the farm is the start of their future but soon realize it’s the beginning of their end.

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The film “Pearl” and “X” are connected

Anyone who’s seen the film “X” knows Mia Goth’s performance as Pearl had fans on the edge of their seats. The new sequel “Pearl” gives viewers a better look at the villain’s origins. In 1918, we meet the young Pearl (Mia Goth) living on a farm with her parents. Her father (Matthew Sunderland) is paralyzed from a war injury and her mother Ruth (Tandi Wright) is controlling and demanding. Pearl appears to be obedient to her mother while her husband Howard (Alastair Sewell) is away at war. After she meets Howard (David Corenswet), a theater worker, her perspective on life changes. Pearl’s goal starts with wanting to leave town and become a big Hollywood star but instead falls down a darker path. 

What leads “Pearl” to kill

The film captures Pearl’s journey to the person she becomes in “X.” She starts killing little animals and eventually bigger animals over time. After an argument with her mother about wanting to become a star in Hollywood, Pearl makes her first kill and burns her alive. She then goes on a killing spree, causing her to kill everyone who knows her secrets.

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Ending scene of the movie

The ending scene of the movie is chilling. Pearl’s husband returns from war and enters the house in disbelief to see Pearl’s dead mother and father at the dinner table. She then goes on to greet her husband with an awkward smile and nervous cry. Pearl stares at the camera for three to five minutes without saying anything after. Director Ti West told Bloody-Disgusting in an interview regarding the moment: “That was just a random experimental idea that I was like, ‘Let’s try this, see what happens.’ Then she did that, and after watching it for three minutes, I said, ‘Cut. That’s great.’” 

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Outlook of “Pearl” and Ti West’s upcoming film “MaXXXine”

Any fan of Ti West knows his films usually start at a slow pace, but end with a thrilling finale. “Pearl” has a lot of horrific moments and a few screams but its ending gives fans a better insight on the protagonist’s background and her addiction to wanting attention. Producer Ti West is currently working on another movie titled “MaXXXine.” The film will take place in 1985 and will follow Maxine Minx from “X.” “MaXXXine” will tackle the industry itself and the start of VHS Tapes. 

“Pearl” is now playing in theaters everywhere.

By Kendall Mayes 

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