Netflix’s ‘28 Days Haunted’ Uncovers Paranormal Activity

Are ghosts and spirits real, and can they interact with humans? For many superstitious and non-superstitious people, there are unexplainable occurrences that cannot be rationalized through science or facts. “28 Days Haunted” is a docuseries that follows three teams of paranormal investigators in three different locations across America. The docuseries centers around the theory that it takes 28 days to pierce and eliminate the veil between the human and spirit worlds. The two people who came up with this theory are Ed and Lorraine Warren, famous paranormal investigators who traveled around America giving lectures on the paranormal. They collected many things during their life like a haunted Raggedy Ann named Annabelle which was later fictionalized in “The Conjuring” movies. They wanted to prove their theory true by staying at a haunted location for 28 days. While there, they would have no access to communication with the outside world or the internet, so they could try to solve the mysteries behind the site without knowing the history. However, the Warrens passed away before they were able to conclude whether their theory was true or false. 

In their place, their son-in-law, Tony Spera, teams up with Aaron Sagers to prove this theory in three separate locations with one team for each site. The teams have to go through three stages involved in the theory. The first stage takes place in the first week when minimal hauntings occur, including temperature changes, energy spikes and slight touches. The second stage is during the second and third weeks. This stage can be more dangerous because the spirits can grab the investigators and cause poltergeist activities to start. Not to mention, it takes a toll on the team’s mental and physical health, making them vulnerable to attacks by the paranormal. The last stage is the final week and proves to be the most dangerous stage because they are at their most vulnerable point as they are mentally and physically exhausted. Anything can happen to the team such as possession, physical attacks or worse. The locations they explore are the Lumber Baron Inn, Madison Dry Goods and Captain Grant’s Inn. Each location has secrets and murders that were never solved, so each team must uncover them in 28 days.

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A team of paranormal investigators, Shane Pittman and Ray Causey, and a psychic, Amy Parks, are not given time to prepare or research the location they are heading to. They are not allowed to contact the outside world or use the internet. This team is heading to Lumber Baron Inn in Denver, Colorado. Lumber Baron Inn has a cold murder case from the 1970s in which the killer was never found. As they stay in the inn for 28 days, they must document and thoroughly investigate every floor and room to find any paranormal activity or clues about its history. Through the help of paranormal technology such as electromagnetic field (EMF), spirit boxes and other technologies, they can find evidence of paranormal activities. The team must use these devices to discover the secrets that the spirits hold. Do they find evidence to support the theory and the history behind the hotel? Do they crack the case or find more secrets?

This next team has the most dangerous experience out of all the locations. A demonologist, Jereme Leonard, and a fifth-generation psychic, Brandy Miller, are sent to stay in Madison Dry Goods in Madison, North Carolina. When they arrive at the store, Brandy can feel negative energy which many customers and workers have reported in the past. Madison Dry Goods was a hotel and funeral home before becoming a store and historical spot for tourists. What they do not know is that it has a dark history revolving around a family from 1929. Brandy and Jereme use the environment and items that have been left by the family to communicate with them. They almost leave the store during their stay because of unforeseeable events in the last two stages. They work together to discover the secrets behind the family and the negative energy left in the store. You’d be surprised by their evidence and the events during their stay at Madison Dry Goods. If you want to know more about this location and why a demonologist is placed there, I suggest watching the docuseries.

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Another team is sent to Captain Grant’s Inn, located in Preston, Connecticut. Captain Grant’s Inn is a breakfast and bed hotel for tourists and ghost hunters. Psychic medium Sean Austin and paranormal investigators Nick Simons and Aaron G. Thompson work together to investigate the spirits in the inn. As they investigate Captain Grant’s Inn, they discover that there are multiple spirits in this inn, and they have to figure out why they are there. They commune with the spirits using a spirit box and they get a name. By hearing this name, they are able to investigate further into the history of the inn with the help of Sean. They are able to capture the paranormal events that occurred in the inn during their stay. They eventually find the key that answers all of their questions about what makes the inn so haunted. The history behind the inn is also fascinating to listen to. It is worth the watch to find out more about this inn and the events that happen to the team. 

During the docuseries, I was hooked because I was concerned for the well-being of the teams. The teams are mentally drained by the end of their investigation because they had no access to the outside. I am a firm believer in the paranormal, which allowed me to learn more about the paranormal aspect and psychic abilities that the teams have tapped into. I did notice that Tony Spera and Aaron Sagers closely watch each team to ensure their safety and well-being and avoid any unnecessary danger. 

If you are interested in watching “28 Days Haunted,” I recommend it. I love Ed and Lorraine Warren’s philosophy on the paranormal and the cases they have accomplished throughout their lifetime. Just don’t let the ghosts spook you!

“28 Days Haunted” is available to watch on Netflix. 

By Ayla Hooper

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