Everything You Need to Know About Netflix’s ‘Manifest’ Season 4 Part 2

*Warning: This article contains spoilers.

After watching “Manifest” season four part one, viewers felt a mixture of excitement, disbelief and frustration. Fans felt frustrated at how many unanswered questions there were, shocked at how part one’s finale concluded and excited for what part two will bring. 

But it goes without saying that fans are dying to know what the ending of “Manifest” season four will be. I mean, can you blame them? They will have to wait, though, as Netflix is splitting the final season into two parts, with a total of 20 episodes. But when can fans anticipate the second half of season four? 

Well, the first 10 episodes of season four part one were released on Friday, Nov. 4 on Netflix, despite there being no official release date for part two yet. But according to ShowBiz CheatSheet, the cast finished filming the final episode in October, thus part two should be entering the post-production phase.

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The previous season ended with Grace (Athena Karkanis), Ben’s (Josh Dallas) wife and the mother of Olive (Luna Blaise), Cal (Ty Doran) and Eden, being killed by Angelina (Holly Taylor). Before she passes away, an adult Cal consoles Grace. In the meantime, the plane’s tail fin, a piece of debris that might contain the key to solving the mystery surrounding Flight 828, is released into the ocean. Bill Daly (Frank Deal), the pilot of Flight 828, reappears amid the plane’s wreckage, which has been kept by the covert Project Eureka task force. After the tail fin is returned to the ocean, the entire aircraft vanishes in a blaze of light. 

Truth be told, since the sci-fi family drama was canceled by NBC after its first three seasons, there wasn’t really supposed to be a fourth. However, the show had the chance at a second life thanks to Netflix’s streaming of all three seasons, which raised interest for a new season. Luckily for fans, Netflix came to the rescue by picking up the show for a fourth and final season back in August 2021

In an interview with ABC News, Josh Dallas, who plays Ben Stone, the informal leader of his fellow passengers, stated “It would have been cruel to leave these characters hanging the way they were at the end of season three and cruel for the fans of the show.” 

Indeed, it would.

“It’s enormously satisfying to be able to complete their journeys,” the actor continued to say. Even though this is the final season of the show, fans are just as excited as Dallas about Netflix continuing it. 

While season four’s plot details are limited, there is an official season description. According to Netflix Tudum, the season follows the Montego Air Voyage 828’s passengers and crew, who were happy to arrive safely after an eventful but routine flight. However, in just a few hours, the world had advanced by five years, and after grieving their loss, their friends, families and coworkers had given up and carried on. The survivors are all granted another shot, however, now they’re up against an impossibility. That said, on this profoundly rich and surprising voyage into a universe rooted in optimism, some of the returned passengers quickly discover they may be destined for something bigger than they ever imagined possible as their new circumstances become obvious and a greater mystery emerges. 

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Jeff Rake, the show’s creator and executive producer, explained to TVLine what viewers can anticipate from the second part of season four. A “number of months” will have elapsed after the events of episode 10 when we resume the final 10 episodes of the series, Rake discloses. 

Rake also informed viewers that, despite the show’s original six-season plan, Netflix’s choice to end “Manifest” with the fourth season makes little difference. In Aug. 2021, he promised Entertainment Weekly, “The endgame won’t change at all.”

He continued to add, “I am absolutely confident that 20 episodes gives me enough time to tell the entirety of the story as I always intended to. When I’ve talked in the past about having a roadmap all the way to the end of series, that didn’t mean that I had a roadmap for literally every single episode.” 

But what should fans expect to happen in season four part two? Well, at the end of part one, viewers saw Zeke sacrifice himself by absorbing Cal’s leukemia with his powers and saving him. At the same time, Angelina used the Omega Sapphire’s power to unleash a volcanic explosion that spread over New York City, causing the apocalypse to begin. 

The Dragon, however, was revealed to be Cal, which leads to the prediction that in the event that he makes a full recovery from his illness, he and Angelina will probably engage in a titanic finale battle in part two, according to ShowBiz CheatSheet

I guess we just have to wait and see what will really transpire in season four part two of “Manifest.” 

If you haven’t already, be sure to watch “Manifest” season four part one on Netflix!

By Brianna DiMaio

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