David Harbour’s ‘Violent Night’ Is a Must-See Horror Comedy Christmas Movie

You better watch out … David Harbour is coming to town. Released in theaters on Dec. 2, “Violent Night,” directed by Tommy Wirkola, is about a bunch of mercenaries who target the property of a wealthy family. Still, there’s nothing to fear since Santa Claus (David Harbour) steps in to save the day, and most of all, to save Christmas.

Who would have thought that a violent Christmas movie including David Harbour’s humor would be the ideal movie to conclude the year? Not me, that’s for sure.

What made the movie a “chef’s kiss” was, of course, “Stranger Things” actor David Harbour, but also cast member Beverly D’Angelo, who played Ellen Griswold in the renowned film, “Christmas Vacation.” Nothing is more enthralling than seeing one of your favorite childhood actors co-star in a movie with a new favorite actor of yours. To put it simply, it’s full-on nostalgic joy.

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Let’s explain why “Violent Night” is worth a trip to the cinema. This anti-Christmas movie, starring a humorously grumpy Santa Claus, emphasizes both naughty and nice, which makes it appealing to most adults. 

What I enjoyed most about Harbour’s Santa Claus was not just his fantastic ability to down so much alcohol, but his undeniable willingness to save Trudy Lightstone (Leah Brady) and her family from the attackers. His persona truly captures the spirit of Christmas in a brand-new way.

I must admit that, at least for me, the film was a touch too gory. And yes, I am fully aware that the word, “violent,” is in the title. But the movie had the vibe of the “Halloween” franchise with a Christmas holiday twist. So, if you enjoy watching gory movies, then “Violent Night” is right up your alley.

Courtesy of 87North Productions.

However, Santa shows viewers that he possesses a few supernatural abilities in the movie’s storyline, most of which he claims he doesn’t completely comprehend. He’s hardly invulnerable, though, and definitely not powerful enough to keep his beard from getting blood on it, according to CNN. For instance, when Santa enters the Lightstones’ home through the chimney and enjoys some delicious cookies and a cold glass of milk, an attacker enters the room, which forces him to hide. But after Santa is found, he sure doesn’t think twice about beating the heck out of the attacker. 

“The tonal shifts can become a bit jarring, and shedding a few minutes of cinematic fat certainly wouldn’t have hurt,” the CNN reviewer adds. Maybe more importantly, as per CNN, is the fact that the film feels more tailored to a cinematic experience than almost all of the prestigious end-of-the-year movies.

To put it in simpler terms, “Violent Night” is probably one of the best movies to have been released this year and provides laughter and delight to the audience. The film, however, undoubtedly contains a lot of stabbing, slashing and other flesh wound noises. Most memorably, Harbour slashes a guy’s throat with his candy cane’s sharp end, evoking the viewers to let out an “oof” sound. Because of its violence, profanity and gore, the film is definitely unsuitable for children. 

It’s time to grab your favorite holiday snacks and a cozy blanket because “Violent Night” is currently showing in theaters.

By Brianna DiMaio

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