‘Troll’: A Dangerous Fairy Tale Come to Life

Fairy tales have been around for centuries, passed down as bedtime stories or cautionary tales for children to behave. One particular story that has become a myth in Norway is about trolls and is part of Nordic mythology. This fairy tale comes to life in “Troll,” a Netflix film that follows a scientist, an advisor to the prime minister and a military captain who work hard to figure out why and how an ancient troll is emerging from nature. This group is Nora Tidemann (Ine Marie Wilmann), Andreas Isaksen (Kim Falck) and Captain Holm (Mads Pettersen). They must determine the truth behind the troll. Trolls are known to be scared of lights and live in isolated areas such as the mountains. In other words, they live in nature and away from humanity. The question is, are trolls dangerous and must they be destroyed or are they simply trying to find something or a place to hide?

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In Norway, the Dovre mountains hold a secret that could be revealed if the people believe with their hearts that they can see the trolls in the mountains. Tobias Tidemann (Gard B. Eidsvold) explains to his non-believer daughter, Nora, that you can see the trolls’ faces in the mountains, and the faces hold a story behind them. Tobias believes in the trolls so much that he is seen as clinically insane. His belief that trolls exist is proven when the drilling company drills into the Dovre mountain for a tunnel project. This plan for the tunnel is ruined by a single troll that is released from the mountain. Since the troll has been released, it’s a national crisis for Norway, especially Oslo. 

The prime minister’s advisor, Andreas Isaksen, brings Nora into a classified meeting with the prime minister, General Lunde (Dennis Storhøi) and the minister of defense, Frederick Markussen (Fridtjov Såheim). They discover the long lost troll, however they do not believe that it is a troll. They believe that it is something else entirely, and it will destroy their home. 

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What they don’t know is that the troll is looking for something, and only Nora, Isaksen and Captain Holm can figure out what it is. But first, they have to chase the troll and trace its origin and history with the help of Tobias. They work together to fight against the prime minister, the minister of defense, and the general to stop them from destroying the troll. Nora believes that the troll should be left alone after her father helps her realize what the troll has been searching for. Only one survives, and which one would that be? You have to find out by watching the movie. Don’t let the “Troll” scare you away with its Godzilla-sized monster.

“Troll” definitely had an unexpected ending because of how much I learned about the troll and its background. The Troll’s tale is a sad one, and the feeling of sadness continues in the film as its consistent theme throughout the story. However, this film still gives viewers some breaks for witty or funny moments to make you laugh. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and was surprised at the end because there is something more after the credits. Could there be a second movie, or is this the end of “Troll?” I hope there is more to the movie because it reminded me of “The Brothers Grimm.” If you enjoy fairy tales, then you’ll enjoy “Troll.”

“Troll” is available on Netflix.

By Ayla Hooper

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