‘The Big 4’: What Is Netflix’s New Action-Comedy Film?

*Warning: This article contains spoilers.

Netflix’s new, big action-packed comedy came from Indonesia. “The Big 4” comes with a bang and has fight scenes full of gore, with flesh flying everywhere. The film follows a group of siblings on the hunt for money and revenge.

Petrus (Budi Ros) is a man who adopted four children and has one biological daughter. His biological daughter is Dina (Putri Marino), and she is a police officer who witnessed her father’s death. Dina also doesn’t know about her father’s four adopted children. 

Topan (Abimana Aryasatya), one of the four, comes around to get revenge for his father as he suspects someone from his father’s past killed him. By getting involved, Topan is discovered by Dina who believes that he is the murderer. However, Topan is not the murderer and therefore he must go after the killer to prove his innocence and save Dina.

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When Topan discovered his father had been killed, he retired from the Big Four (an assassin squad made up of the four siblings) for three years. They typically go around killing specific people who are harming society or children. Their mission is to help the world become a better place even if they are deemed criminals. Dina discovers the only clue that her father left behind: a photo of him and his four adopted kids. Dina is motivated to find the four kids and chase after who she thinks is the killer. However, Petrus adopted five children in total — the fifth being the oldest and most dangerous, so Petrus disowned him. 

As soon as Dina starts hunting for Topan and the rest of the kids, she is in for a wild ride. She first meets Topan in a hotel that was shown in the picture with her father. Topan sees that a pair of men have followed Dina. He works to keep her safe from harm as he had promised Petrus. A fight ensues, but it is hidden from Dina. However, Dina finds out the truth about Topan and Petrus having a family bond. Now that she knows the truth, they start to work together to look for the other three kids, who are Jenggo (Arie Kriting), Alpha (Lutesha) and Pelor (Kristo Immanuel). Topan and Dina must reunite the Big Four to work together to find and kill Petrus’ murderer. Do they find the killer and win or fail in their mission of avenging their father? Or does Dina arrest the Big Four for murdering Petrus?

I thoroughly enjoyed “The Big Four” because the fight scenes were hilarious. The characters would say something funny or do something dumb, such as falling from a building, breaking the tension. My favorite characters from the film are Jenggo and Dina. Their reactions had me laughing whenever they would do something they weren’t supposed to. I enjoy the blood and gore that the film presented as it wasn’t shied away from. I feel that this film would be a hit or miss for some people because it wasn’t all action and all comedy, but rather a mix of both.

“The Big Four” is available to watch on Netflix.

By Ayla Hooper

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