‘You’ Season 4: Everything There Is to Know

**SPOILER WARNING: This story contains spoilers from Netflix’s “You.” 

Hello, you. 

Now, I know what you may be thinking. What will this upcoming season entail? Well, while there is excitement among the show’s audience, some worry that this season won’t live up to the previous one since Love (Victoria Pedretti) died. However, viewers believe that Love isn’t actually gone and will return in season four. We’ll have to wait and see, I suppose. 

Before we get into what there is to know about Netflix’s “You” season four, let’s travel back to 2021 for a short recap of season three. 

In the season’s last episode, Joe (Penn Badgley) attempts to conceal the proof of Ryan’s (Scott Michael Foster) brutal murder. Then viewers saw Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), Joe’s secretive girlfriend, start to communicate to him about the passing of her ex, but Joe is preoccupied with other matters. 

Where does Love fit into this? Well, Love expresses that she still wants to have a second baby. But viewers sense that Joe doesn’t want that, so while he pretends to be happy and gives a fake smile, he is actually preparing to leave her as well. But the question of whether or not Marienne will be coming with him leaves viewers in suspense. 

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Love ultimately discovers the bloody remnants and concludes that Joe killed Ryan. Additionally, she is aware that he has been cheating on her with Marienne. Now, we all know Love can be just as crazy as Joe. 

So when Love addresses Joe and enquires about his feelings for her, she is clearly enraged. But what Joe says next is the breaking point for Love. 

After Joe suggests they get a divorce, Love, in a shocking turn of events, poisons Joe, who then passes out on the floor. She then decides to “save” their marriage and leaves the house as he lies there. But it doesn’t stop there. I mean, we all know Joe can’t be killed that easily. 

Love approaches Joe with a knife as she returns home to confront him. Joe, however, gives Love the poison she planned for him and paralyzes her instead. It appears that Joe had anticipated everything that occurred and switched the aconite for adrenaline moments before Love “poisoned” him. 

Now that Love is dead, Joe moves to Paris, where a young mother and her little daughter appear in a pub. Joe, satisfied that it isn’t Marienne and Juliette, keeps looking for his one “true love.” 

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Now, let’s move on to what we currently know about the upcoming season.

1. When Will Season 4 Be Released? 

According to People, Netflix announced that part one of season four will be dropping on Feb. 9 and part two will be dropping on March 9. 

2. Who Is the Cast of Season 4? 

Charlotte Ritchie (Kate) and Lukas Gage (Adam), two previously announced new stars, will join Badgley and Gabrielle, who are reprising their season three roles, according to People. 

As series regulars, Tilly Keeper (Phoebe), Amy-Leigh Hickman (Nadia) and Ed Speleers (Rhys) will also appear alongside recurring actors Niccy Lin (Sophie), Aidan Cheng (Simon), Stephen Hagan (Malcolm), Ben Wiggins (Roald), Eve Austin (Gemma), Ozioma Whenu (Blessing), Dario Coates (Connie) and Sean Pertwee (Elliot).

3. What Will Season 4 Be About? 

Joe assumes a new identity as professor Jonathan Moore in the next season’s teaser trailer, where he also suggests that his time “across the pond” has allowed him to “bury the past.”

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Badgley noted that while the series, “You,” will still have the same feeling as previous seasons, season four might appear and feel a little different as the show develops. “The tone is similar but it’s shifting in that there is a different format. We’re using a different format,” he addressed. “It’s almost like we’re shifting the genre slightly. And I think it works.”

4. Where Will Season 4 Take Place?

Netflix stated that season four was filmed in London even though season three ended in the center of Paris. 

Badgley revealed to Entertainment Tonight that there was a pragmatic reason why the show moved to a different European city for the upcoming season. “To be real, it’s cheaper,” the actor added, sharing that they had just wrapped up shooting the first four episodes. 

5. Will There Be a Season 5?

Netflix hasn’t confirmed if “You” will return for a fifth season, but People reports that the idea that they’re not promoting season four as the last one is unquestionably a positive sign that more is on the way.

Be sure to watch Netflix’s “You” part one, season four on Feb. 9. Goodbye, you.

By Brianna DiMaio

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