Who Is Climbing Comedian Matt Rife?

Wanting to get out a couple of laughs? Looking for a comedian who truly brings in the crowd? Or maybe just want to sit back and watch someone easy on the eyes? Well, we have the comedian for you…

Matt Rife has become a trending sensation in the stand-up comedy world. Although Rife has been involved in stand-up comedy for a little over a decade now, his career is finally taking off. Now you can find him going on tour, capturing the hearts and laughs of his audience with his production “Only Fans.” 

Courtesy of YouTube.

Rife has uploaded his “Only Fans” special on YouTube which contains a full debut of his comedic performance. He is successful in growing laughter by making jokes about his good looks but finding humor in current events and movements that may be oppressing society. It fully communicates his message of not taking life too seriously and the ability to find joy in even the worst positions. 

Finding a sense of humor in all of life’s ups and downs is one of Matt Rife’s strongest qualities as a comedian. Despite the world seemingly splitting into two due to controversy, Rife can join the audience together in laughter. If you are not easily offended, especially in subjects such as race, gender, and intimacy, then Rife may be the comedian for you. These topics may be areas of tension in the surrounding world, but in Rife’s audience, they are opportunities to find light in the darkness. 

Gaining attention from many social media platforms, he now has more than 9.4 million followers on TikTok and a following of 1.5 million on Instagram. His numbers only continue to grow as clips from his production are posted. His most viral videos on TikTok, where his good looks and fantastic playful banter, have more than 45 million views. His popularity is spilling all over the media, providing perfect advertisements and his growing career. Check out these videos on TikTok to fully understand his expansion in the comedy world. 

Courtesy of YouTube.

Whether it’s his jokes on the dating decisions of his audience, his ability to undo his belt with one hand, or the humor he had before hitting puberty and becoming attractive, these little tastes on social media give you a sense of how Rife can take control and involve the audience in his show. Rife is not only able to grasp the attention of the room but fully pull them in, in short, creating a safe place to share a sense of humor with others. He often has exchanges with his fans, giving them opportunities to share about themselves and contribute to the show’s content. By inviting his audience to participate, Rife’s abilities as a comedian are shown through his on-the-spot thinking and humor. 

If you don’t recognize Rife from his stand-up comedy, you may know him from his acting career in roles on MTV and NBC. He has participated in the television series “Bring the Funny” as well as “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Trapped Inn,” “Death Link” and more!

Check out Matt Rife’s official website for upcoming events, tickets, and merch!

By Charley Lustig

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