Is ‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’ Worth the Watch?

Recently placed as Netflix’s #1 trending film is Netflix’s very own “Luther: The Fallen Sun.” This movie captures the journey of Detective Chief Inspector John Luther (Idris Elba) as he sets out to find the person responsible for the deaths and missing cases of numerous individuals. This action-packed movie takes place in London during the twenty-first century and is directed by Jamie Payne, who you may know from his previous work like the TV series “The Hour” or the film “The Alienist.”

“Luther: The Fallen Sun” begins with the disappearance of Callum Aldrich. DCI Luther begins the investigation yet is suddenly sent to prison with heavy charges. These charges are not specified to the audience, leaving them to wonder about his mysterious background. Yet, unable to rest with being thrown in jail, Luther attempts a successful prison break in order to continue his journey searching for the one responsible for the murder of Callum Aldrich (James Bamford) and many others. 

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Now a fugitive of the government, DCI Luther is determined not to let anything stop him until he solves this bizarre case with a psychotic serial killer. But the London police force understands the strength and capacity of their former detective and DCI Odette Raine (Cynthia Erivo) is tenacious in her duty to restore peace. Does DCI Raine have the ability to concentrate on both the escapee and the serial killer? Will Luther be successful in his mission of finding this psychotic serial killer or will he underestimate the power of RCI Raine and her team? Is there a possibility that Luther and the police can form a compromise for the greater good?  

The thrilling film develops on this theme of secrecy and torture. In the opening scene, viewers are introduced to Callum Aldrich who is being blackmailed with screenshots for something allegedly bad for his reputation. Although he attempts to keep his secret hidden, his efforts are matched with death. But Callum isn’t the only one left with a secret including the unknown background of DCI Luther. Although his criminal background is supposedly heinous, the audience is left pondering what such a seemingly good man has done. From what DCI Luther has calculated so far, this killer is able to commit such insidious crimes and murders due to his ability to find the deepest secrets of his victims. 

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While secrecy is an ongoing concept in the movie, torture is also introduced as a prominent component of the plot. This serial killer is far worse than any other alleged killer not only due to his cunningness but the forms of torture he inflicts on his victims to their death. Despite how appalling the suffering is from the victims, the idea that people are almost addicted and fascinated by it is a notable intertwining theme. This is proven not only by the movie’s plot but also by those who read “Luther: The Fallen Sun”’s R rating that warns of a “disturbing/violent continent.”

The casting in “Luther: The Fallen Sun” perfectly aligns with the characterization of the movie’s roles. Idris Elba, a man who naturally commands attention from his audience with his low voice and tenacious physique, is extremely successful playing DCI John Luther who is a man that has an immense amount of determination and mystery. Elba plays many other roles that have a strong, protective nature including Heimdall in the “Thor” movies and Chief Bogo in “Zootopia.” On the other hand, Andy Serkis, who plays the serial killer David Robey, does a fantastic job in his role. Serkis, who many may know from his role as Gollum in the “Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings” series, really encapsulates the hideous nature of Robey both in his effect with his unsettling calmness and chilling smiles. Both actors truly bring to life their characters and create such a fascinating piece together. 

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This suspenseful film does an excellent job of keeping the audience’s heart thumping through its selection of music. The eerie tones throughout the film provide a dramatic and effective haunting response from the audience, creating suspense and tension. Yet, what might be even more chilling to hear are the upbeat, fun songs that appear during Robey’s horrific acts. Whether he is singing along to the Supremes’ “Baby Love” while driving an unconscious victim around or singing “I’m Coming Out” by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards while excitedly opening up his malicious intents, the original joy from these tunes almost fades completely away, creating a rather upsetting connotation. 

All the choices in plot, theme, cast, and music truly create an electrifying film for those adrenaline junkies. The complexity and depth of “Luther: The Fallen Sun” create an intoxicating experience that will leave you and your friends talking about it. Even if you have the slightest interest in watching the movie, it is highly recommended you try it out! 

You can watch “Luther: The Fall Sun” on Netflix.

By Charley Lustig

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