All About Noel Miller’s Stand-Up Tour

From his big break on Vine in 2014 to now traveling worldwide on a stand-up comedy tour, Noel Miller’s ability to make others laugh has built him a successful career on several platforms. 

Noel Miller’s stand-up tour, “Everything is F#&ked,” is the perfect show to catch if you need a good laugh amidst all of the problems happening in our world. Noel’s dark and self-defeating humor makes the tour perfectly catered to his audience, mostly comprised of younger generations that are tired of the chaos of the 21st century. 

For those who had an account on Vine before its departure in 2016, you may remember Noel Miller from his hilarious videos on the app. Once Noel gained a following, he then began his YouTube channel. His collaborative videos with friend and Youtuber, Cody Ko, also played a significant role in boosting his career. Most popularly, the duo created the hysterical  “That’s Cringe” series which launched their comedic uprising. 

You can also listen to Noel and Cody’s Tiny Meat Gang Podcast to get a taste of Noel Miller’s sense of humor before seeing him live. Hosts Cody and Noel discuss hot topics relating to pop culture and music, interact with fans and bring guests onto the show while ensuring their audience laughs along.  

Noel Miller’s long journey with comedy has shown steady growth and is worth seeing live. From ten-second Vine videos to traveling the world performing sold-out stand-up shows, Noel’s quick wit, relatable humor and audience interaction bring forth his comedic skill from the screen to real-life.  

Rather than his short, quick-wit jokes on Tikok and Youtube, his sets are filled with well-thought-out and hilarious bits, including how technology has changed his relationship dynamics. His sets are often followed by interactive Q&A sessions with the audience where he answers questions about topics relating to Noel’s podcast, upcoming Youtube video collaborations, and more. 

According to Twitter, fans seem to be enjoying “Everything is F#*cked” so far.

 One user on the platform, @ceec_6, tweeted on April 1, “missed two birthday parties to see noel miller live but my god that was the funniest stand-up show I’ve ever been to.” 

Another, known as @sillymafk, said on April 17, “Seeing Noel Miller last night was actually surreal. like i’ve been to dozens of concerts with my most influential artists but seeing Noel was insane first stand up i’ve gone to!!!!”

The “Everything is F#&ked” tour kicked off in January but still has several months to go. During the tour, Noel Miller is traveling across two countries, the U.S. and the UK. He has 15 upcoming shows in cities including San Francisco, Sacramento and New York. However, seats are selling out quickly, so make sure you get your tickets as soon as possible. 

To find a show in your city, check the Noel Miller Live website where you can look for tour dates and find tickets for his shows. 

By Madison Schauer

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