Why ‘After Everything’ Fans Are On The Edge Of Their Seats

Attention all Afternators! 

Anna Todd’s “After” series will soon be completed with the release of “After Everything,” and you may be wondering what to expect from Hardin Scott (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) and Tessa Young (Josephine Langford). Let’s dive into what we know and can gather! *Spoilers*

Where Did “After Ever Happy” Leave Off?

Still, in New York, the final scene captures Hardin at a book signing event. He recalls how his journey as an author started and how he got to the point he’s now at. While amid his quick summary, Tessa discreetly enters the shop. While talking, Hardin exchanges a long glance at, what seems to be, his publisher. She doesn’t stay long before she decides to exit quickly and quietly. Just as the door begins to close, Hardin looks up to see her leaving. For a moment he pauses, trapped in his thoughts, then recovers, focusing on his audience. Then the most haunting words that everyone hates to see appear, “To be continued…”. 

So many questions ran through my mind from this last scene… Hardin and Tessa have to end up together right? Was Tessa jealous at the exchange Hardin had with his publisher? Do the publisher and Hardin really have something going on? Did Hardin know that it was Tessa who left his signing? So many questions left unanswered…until now.

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The Official Trailer Has Been Released! 

In late December of 2023, we were given a teaser for “After Everything.” We are shown that Hardin is still fully invested in Tessa and their break has caused him to fall behind in his writing. Ultimately, Hardin needs her to continue his writing and his life! But instead of wasting away in heartbreak, Hardin decides to heal his past. The last thing we see is Hardin booking a one-way ticket to Lison, Portugal and quick shots of partying, beaches and women… oh my! 

Thankfully, time has flown by and this May brought us the official trailer release! Maybe now we can make more sense of that teaser. Hardin is still shown brawling with his writing, unable to write due to the (un)finished story of his and Tessa’s love. But his publicist shows no mercy on Hardin, as she hurries him along after giving him an advance. His mother, Trish (Louise Lombard), mentions a girl named Nathalie (Mimi Keene) and how she has moved to Lisbon. Next thing you know, Hardin is on his way to the beautiful capital of Portugal. 

When he appears in her presence, Nathalie does not seem to be interested in his company. But knowing the stubborn character of Hardin, he refuses to leave until he has made “amends.” There are flashes in the trailer showing Hardin enjoying Portugal as Nathalie tells him to move on. Hardin confides in Nathalie and everything seems decently calm until a tattooed man (Benjamin Mascolo) shows up giving Hardin a hard time. The trailer then flashes to scenes of Tessa and Hardin! Making her appearance, the quakes felt between them seem never-ending as there are tears and intense love. Afternators are left with fight scenes, a pair of rings in Hardin’s hand, and a wedding?! What will happen? 

So What Can We Expect?

Looking at the trailer, it appears that “After Everything” will be focused on Hardin’s journey, making Tessa a minor role at least in the beginning. This will provide a new take on prior films that have been solely about Tessa and her education, career, and personal life. Now we are diving deeper into Hardin Scott’s past and who he has now become. 

Unlike the books, this movie is changing course by taking the story to Portugal. The book fans will know that the only settings in the original story are the United States and England. So adding Lison, Portugal to the list definitely shakes things up but it will be exciting nonetheless to see how Castille London incorporates this amazing location with the story. 

In the trailer, we are introduced to two new characters, Nathalie and Sebastian. But who are they and what will they present? We have yet to discover Sebastian and what his relation is to Hardin as he is not a character based on the novel. But Nathalie on the other hand is a character with a history.

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Nathalie is a previous victim of Hardin’s carelessness which we have seen in his relationship with Tessa. Just like Tessa, Hardin had made a bet on Nathalie that ruined her life. She was a social outcast and was kicked out by those who she held close, including her parents. Nathalie reached out to Hardin and asked him for help since he caused a swirling world of disaster to fall upon her. But Hardin felt no remorse and left her to fend for herself. In “After Everything” we can expect that Hardin tries to make up for his past. 

One small detail that I loved about the trailer is that Nathalie and Hardin’s first interaction can be found in a dress store. In Todd’s novel, this aspect of Nathalie is the same as she works in a local bridal shop. I can’t wait to see if there are more small but important alignments in the film! 

As far as understanding the wedding and if Tessa and Hardin will reconcile, we’ll have to wait and see the movie. If the movie were to follow the book to a tee, we will see them not only end up together but with two children! It’s only a matter of time before we find out whose fingers those rings from the trailer will end up on! 

In the end, the chaotic lovers’ journey will come to an end on Sept. 13 when “After Everything” is released in theaters.

By Charley Lustig

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