‘Freaky Friday 2:’ What We Know So Far About the Sequel

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After months of rumors and speculation about a “Freaky Friday” sequel, Disney finally confirmed on May 10 that “Freaky Friday 2” is in development.

The 2003 original movie follows single mother Tess (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her teenage daughter Anna, who don’t see eye to eye. After receiving cryptic fortunes at a Chinese restaurant, the two wake up the next day to find that they have magically swapped bodies. Unable to switch back, they are forced to pretend to be each other until they figure out how to reverse their fortune.  

To celebrate this exciting news, here is everything we know so far about the sequel: 

Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan Are Open to Returning For a Sequel

It’s no surprise that Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan are open to reprising their roles as Tess and Anna Coleman. In 2022, Curtis told Variety she was determined to star in a “Freaky Friday” sequel.

“I’m 64 in a week and Lindsay is 36… [A sequel] lends itself so beautifully,” said Curtis. “We’re both committed to it, and it’s not ours to make. It’s Disney’s to make and I think they’re interested and we’re talking.” 

With Disney’s confirmation of “Freaky Friday 2” being in the works, both Curtis and Lohan shared their interest in participating in the sequel to The New York Times

“As I went around the world with ‘Halloween Ends,’ people wanted to know if there was going to be another ‘Freaky Friday,’” said Curtis. “Something really touched a chord. When I came back, I called my friends at Disney and said, ‘It feels like there’s a movie to be made.’”

Lohan added, “Jamie and I are both open to that, so we’re leaving it in the hands that be. We would only make something that people would absolutely adore.”

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“Freaky Friday 2” Storyline

Disney has yet to announce what the sequel will entail. However, fans can expect to see the film follow the same premise as the original. It is unclear if the switch will once again involve Tess and Anna or feature a new duo.

In Oct. 2022, Jamie Lee Curtis shared her pitch for a “Freaky Friday” follow-up on The View.

“Let me be the grandma,” said Curtis. “Let me be the old grandma who switches places. So, then Lindsay gets to be the sexy grandma who is still happy with Mark Harmon (who plays Ryan) in all the ways you would be happy with Mark Harmon.”

Curtis concluded, “I would like to see me try to deal with toddlers today. I wanna be a helicopter parent in today’s world, as an old lady.”  

As a “Freaky Friday” fan, it would be ideal that the sequel revolve around Anna and Tess. What fan wouldn’t want to see Anna and Tess swap bodies one more time? Although it might seem repetitive to some, the actors’ chemistry with each other is what captivated the audience from the beginning. They were able to portray their own character as well as each other and this created a remarkable relationship between the two. Without the dynamic duo in the sequel, the film wouldn’t have the same appeal as the original. 

From Curtis’s story pitch, it seems the movie is in good hands. As Lohan said, they only want to make a film if they know that fans would love it. 

Other Stars in the Sequel

As with Curtis and Lohan’s possible return, Disney has kept other casting details under wraps. The original 2003 film also starred Chad Michael Murray as Anna’s crush Jake, Mark Harmon as Tess’s fiancé Ryan, Ryan Malgarini as Anna’s brother and Haley Hudson and Christina Vidal as Anna’s best friends.

For many “Freaky Friday” fans, it would be incredible to see all the “Freaky Friday” cast reprising their roles, especially seeing a potential Pink Slip reunion. We have our fingers crossed that the beloved characters will star or at the very least appear in the sequel. 

Courtesy of Disney.

 “Freaky Friday 2” Premiere Date

Since Disney recently confirmed the sequel, they have yet to announce when the film will be released. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie is being put into development with Elyse Hollander writing the script. With the film being in the early stages of production, we might not see the film any time soon. Hopefully, Disney will announce a release window sometime this year.

As we wait for “Freaky Friday 2,” the original movie is available to watch on Disney+. 

By Destiny Esparza

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