5 Disney Villains Who Deserve an Origin Story Movie

It’s been two years since Disney released its first-ever live-action movie revolving around a Disney villain. If you haven’t already guessed it, that very film was “Cruella.” This movie was arguably one of the best live-action films, bringing Cruella’s story to life through its breathtaking costume designs and unique storyline. Since “Cruella’s” release, we have yet to see another movie about a Disney villain. With that being said, here are five Disney villains who deserve an origin story movie just like Cruella had:

1.Dr. Facilier

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The first Disney villain to come to mind that deserves an origin story movie is none other than Dr. Facilier (Keith David), also known as the Shadow Man. Not only is his character appealing to the viewer for his smooth-talking and charming traits, but also his voodoo magic and fortune-telling abilities intrigued audience members and left them wanting to see more of him. Who wouldn’t crave more after seeing his exceptional performance in “Friends on the Other Side?” Plus, a movie about Facilier would bring something new to the Disney audience that they have yet to see. For instance, a storyline focusing on how the Shadow Man got involved with fortune-telling and black magic would be brilliant for a Disney movie, especially for the Halloween season. It could be dark yet vibrant with the “Princess and the Frog” color scheme of green and purple that perfectly fits the spooky vibes in October. 

2. Ursula

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Of course, I had to include the beloved sea witch, Ursula (Pat Carroll), on the list. She has very dark and power-hungry qualities that make her a malicious witch while simultaneously having a unique charm that pulls viewers into wanting to see more of her character. Her backstory isn’t as much of a mystery compared to other Disney villains. In the “Little Mermaid,” it hinted that Ursula once lived in the royal palace of King Triton (Kenneth Mars) until she got banished for her use of dark magic. This hint of Ursula’s backstory opens doors for an origin story of the beloved sea witch. Especially now, with the live-action “Little Mermaid,” Disney fans can imagine how excellent the movie would be with the visuals and storytelling in a live-action format. From the story of Ursula’s childhood leading up to her exile from King Triton, it would be every Ursula fan’s dream to see her character come to life once again.

3. Queen of Hearts 

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The Queen of Hearts (Helena Bonham Carter) is known as the Disney villain who has uncontrollable mood swings and loves her white roses to be painted red. But, that is all we know about the Queen of Hearts, leaving many viewers wanting more. 

Her character is such a unique Disney villain that has great potential for a movie. She lives in a breathtaking world with talking creatures and beautiful greenery in a giant castle. What could be more perfect than that for the setting of a Disney film? Also, like “Cruella,” Disney creators could take a creative approach to the Queen of Hearts story since there isn’t much information on the character. The film could touch on how she became queen, what made her villainous, and of course, why she loves painting white roses red.

4. Hades

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Hades (James Woods) is one of the most beloved Disney villains because of his comedic performance in the “Hercules” movie. He related to viewers with his sarcastic commentary and facial expressions that were entertaining to watch. So, it would be no surprise to include him on the list. 

To some, it would seem that we wouldn’t need an origin story of Hades given that his character is molded straight from Greek mythology. However, I think there is great potential for a movie that could explore the history of Hades in a fun and creative way. For instance, the film could focus on events leading up to Hades ruling the Underworld while having his comedic commentary throughout the movie. This would please Disney fans, who fell in love with Hades while bringing something new to the Disney franchise since they don’t have many Greek mythology-based movies. 

5. Dr. Drakken 

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Now, Dr. Drakken (John DiMaggio) on this list may surprise some viewers, but hear me out. Dr. Drakken was one of those Disney characters in the early 2000s that was evil yet goofy. He always had a villainous plan for world domination. Still, every time Team Possible arrived to stop his malicious intentions, he was incapable of fighting back without the help of his sidekick, Shego (Nicole Sullivan). At the time, we hadn’t seen that type of villain before, making his character fun to watch. However, his backstory was somewhat mysterious, leaving many viewers curious about him. In the episode “Attack of the Killer Bebes,” viewers saw a glimpse of Dr. Drakken’s past, where it was revealed that he and Kim’s father, James Possible (Gary Cole), used to be friends back in college. Besides that episode, “Kim Possible” fans don’t know much about Dr. Drakken’s upbringing or how he met Shego. It would be interesting to see a film answering those questions and, of course, to see the beloved Dr. Drakken on-screen again.

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By Destiny Esparza

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