‘Teenage Bounty Hunters’ Review

Netflix’s newly released coming-of-age drama has an exciting new twist. Teenage Bounty Hunters, starring Maddie Phillips and Anjelica Bette Fellini, follows the lives of 16-year-old twin sisters Blair and Sterling as they begin working for an experienced bounty hunter in their spare time.

After growing up in an affluent Atlanta suburb and attending a Catholic prep school, this may seem like an unlikely venture for the sisters, but as it turns out, their family is far less ordinary than they were led to believe. Blair and Sterling becoming bounty hunters uncovers secrets of people in their town as well as their own family secrets

Aside from being bounty hunters and lying to their parents about working as cashiers at the local froyo joint, Sterling and Blair are trying to pursue their first serious relationships and work towards high academic achievements. This is definitely more than the average teen could handle.

Along with the secrets, action and drama comes a bit of comedy as a result of the girls’ authentic sense of humor for their situation. The show is also elevated by its excellent score — oftentimes sung by country singer Kacey Musgraves. Musgraves music fits perfectly with the southern tone of the series and like Musgraves often explains in her songs, the families who seem the most perfect are always far from it — a common theme of the show.

Like any good modern story, Teenage Bounty Hunters explores LQBTQ and bi-racial relationships as well as tackles social issues within the plot. For example, being that the show takes place in the south, the characters rival over the presence of confederate statues around the town.

My only critique for the show is that it could be a bit more realistic and not use arcs that have been so overused in the teen drama genre. It is still unknown if the show will be given a season 2, but by the look of its viewership, it is very likely it will.

The next time you’re scrolling through Netflix for an original series give Teenage Bounty Hunters a try. You will have watched the entire season before you know it.

Teenage Bounty Hunters now streaming on Netflix.

Grade: B+

By Blair Krassen @blairlyawake

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