‘Superstore’ Character Rankings

From America Ferrera to Ben Feldman and Colton Dunn, Superstore, created by Justin Spitzer, is known for its top-notch ensemble cast of comical actors and actresses. The series about a mix-matched staff at a St. Louis big-box store never leaves room for a dull moment. Now let’s find out how each of the characters rank.

10. Marcus

Played by Jon Barinholtz, Marcus is the awkward misogynistic Cloud9 janitor who loves to make uninformed comments. After over-spending his salary that is far above his co-workers, Marcus is now homeless and living in the store.

9. Justine

The always left-out Justine is well known for her unwanted gestures and her exagerations about her sex life and fake substance abuse problem. She always keeps us on our toes wondering what lie she will tell next.

8. Amy

The star of the show — but far from the funniest — Amy is a loveable rule follower who is nearly every employee at Cloud9’s stand-in mom and mentor. Without her, the store would be a complete and utter disaster. Thank god for Amy Sosa.

7. Jonah

From his feminist initiatives in the workplace to his passion for the Cloud9 workers union — Jonah is a man of the people. The business school dropout has always been the perfect man for Amy.

6. Glenn

As a long-standing faithful member of the Catholic church, Glenn is a man who lives by the direction of god. That is until a tornado hits St. Louis and Glenn’s prayers are only answered upon praying to Allah.

5. Cheyenne

After starting out the show as a pregnant teen, Cheyenne has grown up a great deal throughout the seasons. The only thing that hasn’t changed is her love for her wannabe-rapper husband and baby daddy Bo.

4. Mateo

This fashion forward icon brings class to this nearly classless group through his sense of style. His story of being taken by ICE and released as a result of the love and compassion of his friends and co-workers at Cloud9 warmed our hearts.

3. Garrett

The voice of the Cloud9 intercom and the store know-it-all, Garrett always brings the laughs and the sarcasm. Just when will he finally admit his true feelings for Dina?

2. Dina

Played by the incredibly talented Lauren Ash, Dina is one incredibly odd yet wonderful character. Although at times she may lack empathy for humans — never animals — her passion for her job as assistant manager makes her the backbone of Cloud9.

  1. Sandra

From leading the workers union to marrying Jerry, Cloud9’s favorite Polynesian floor worker has come quite a long way since season 1. The woman we once knew as the timid outsider is now a leading lady — we love to see it.

Superstore’ is available to stream on Hulu and Peacock.

By Blair Krassen

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