CBS’s ‘The Unicorn’ Might Become Your New Favorite Family Sitcom

Created by Bill Martin, Grady Cooper and Mike Schiff, The Unicorn is a CBS comedy that premiered in 2019 about a widowed father of two teen girls and his group of friends who are always there for support and laughs. In case you are wondering how the term unicorn comes into play, it’s because Wade (Walton Goggins) is one-of-a-kind; he is sweet, successful, handsome and likes commitment — so compared to other single men his age he is “a unicorn.”

Wade’s wonderful support system includes Delia (Michaela Watkins), a pediatrician who used to be his wife’s best friend, her husband Forrest (Rob Corddry), his friend Ben (Omar Benson Miller) and his wife Michelle (Maya Lynne Robinson) who have four kids of their own. Then there are his daughters, Grace (Ruby Jay) and Natalie (Makenzie Moss). Grace is the older, more rebellious one and Natalie is the younger sister who is a tomboy and an excellent soccer player. Overall they are great kids and have helped their dad through their mom’s passing just as much as he helped them.

Each parent in the show seems to have a different method of doing things. For example, Forrest who is sort of a pushover while Delia is always trying to play doctor and mold her only child into the perfect child. Then there is Ben, the most laid back of the group who considers himself to be a “cool” dad and Michelle who aims to be the perfect cook, housekeeper and mother and never stops. Finally, Wade is just trying his best to keep Grace and Natalie out of trouble.

Similar to newer network shows like ABC’s Single Parents — which was unfortunately cancelled after two seasons — The Unicorn pulls away form the nuclear family by portraying what it’s like to be middle-aged and single in the suburbs. It also has a similar plot to Full House as Wade reminds me of a modern day Danny Tanner.

I recommend The Unicorn to anyone looking for a new sitcom to lighten the load each week. The series is full of fantastic characters to enjoy and get to know. Start watching the first season and catch up before the season 2 premiere this Spring.

The Unicorn season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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