Disney’s ‘Toy Story 4’ Continues the Animated Legacy With a New Comical Set of Toys

We all thought that the highly successful franchise consisting of a group of talking toys was finished after the third film — but we were wrong. In June 2019, Woody and his companions took to our screens once again for another spectacular animated film known as Toy Story 4. With vibrant new toys, unthinkable animation and a story that will warm your heart, Toy Story 4 is not one to skip.

In this star-studded family feature, Woody (Tom Hanks) deals with not feeling needed as a result of growing old and no longer being played with. Throughout the years Woody has lived with a number of kids — starting with Andy. In this film, Woody belongs to a kindergartner named Bonnie (Madeleine McGraw); Bonnie created Forky (Tony Hale) who is now her best friend and new favorite toy.

The toy’s whimsical adventure begins when Bonnie and her parents set off on an RV trip (taking all of her toys with them of course) and make an unlikely stop near the antique shop where Little Bo Peep (Annie Potts) had been sold to several years ago. Naturally, Woody then sneaks off the vehicle to see if he can find her. However, instead of finding Bo, he ends up losing Forky. 

Woody does eventually find Bo and together they set out to rescue Forky from the evil dummies in the antique shop. Unfortunately their mission doesn’t go as planned when the dummies along with a bitter doll named Gabby Gabby (Christina Hendricks) sabotage their attempts.

My favorite part of the film was being introduced to two new amusing characters, Ducky and Bunny, who were carnival prizes at the carnival near the playground where Woody found Bo. Voiced by comedians Keegan Michael-Key and Jordan Peele, it’s no wonder Ducky and Bunny bring a refreshing new lighthearted energy to the classic gang of toys.

Aside from the new toys, all of the original Toy Story roles were reprised including favorites like Mr. Potato Head (Don Rickles), Jesse (Joan Cusack), Slinky (Blake Clark) and of course Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) who supports Woody on his mission just like he always does.

Equipped with both comedy and compassion, Toy Story 4 is an excellent film for people of all ages to enjoy. The film certainly lives up to the franchise’s standards and may even travel beyond them. If you haven’t yet seen Toy Story 4, watch it today.

Toy Story 4 is available to stream on Disney Plus.

By Blair Krassen @blairlyawake

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