‘Schitt’s Creek’ Character Rankings

The Emmy-sweeping series, Schitt’s Creek, was first broadcast in Canada in 2015. Ever since the series hit Netflix, it has been all the talk. Created by father and son Eugene and Dan Levy, Schitt’s Creek has some of the greatest characters of any series to date. Now let’s see how they rank.

12. Bob (John Hemphill)

One of Johnny’s first friends in the town, Bob — best known as the owner of Bob’s Garage — is a hard-working man and a good friend. Bob exemplifies the character that exists in Schitt’s Creek.

11. Twyla (Sarah Levy)

Twyla is more than just a waitress, she is also a shoulder to cry on, to seek advice from and the best party planner there is. Without Twyla, the town would literally fall apart.

10. Roland Schitt (Chris Elliott)

This mayor and father to Roland Jr. has made a large impact on the Rose family in so many ways. Without Roland, the Rose’s would never have integrated into Schitt’s Creek and built their flourishing new lives there — thank you Roland.

9. Jocelyn Schitt (Jennifer Robertson)

Jocelyn Schitt is an excellent friend, teacher and mayor’s wife. She always has a smile on her face to accompany an embarrassing hairdo. Jocelyn is the mother of Schitt’s Creek and the heart that gives the town its charm.

8. Ronnie (Karen Robinson)

The show’s primary realist, Ronnie may be tough, but she is always there to do her part to make Schitt’s Creek the best it can be. Ronnie is a refreshing addition to an already wonderful cast of characters.

7. Ted (Dustin Mulligan)

This good looking animal doc with an eye for romance is the perfect catch. To clarify, this is Ted the man — is not to be confused with Ted the turtle — who is also an excellent addition to the cast.

6. Johnny Rose (Eugene Levy)

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, without him there would be no tie between the Rose family and Schitt’s Creek. Little did he know that back when he was building his video store empire he would one day move to the small town he bought on a whim. 

5. Patrick (Noah Reid)

The sweetest most pure character on the show, Patrick Brewer is the new addition the Rose family needed. He is smart, incredibly kind and his mountain hike proposal to David was surely a moment to remember.

4. Stevie (Emily Hampshire)

Without Stevie, the show would be incomplete. Her sarcasm and pessimism balances out the rest of the characters. Stevie is relatable to anyone who has ever worked in the customer service industry or felt lost before. Plus, who knew she could sing so well?

3. Moira Rose (Catherine O’Hara)

Moira may not be the most self-aware, but her unwavering self love is what makes her such a great character — and from her shocking outfits of course. 

2.  Alexis Rose (Annie Murphy)

Alexis Rose, best known for her Cabaret audition set to her own single “A Little Bit Alexis” is both confident and fearless. She is always up for any task and shows up wearing a million dollar look. We all could use a little bit of Alexis in our lives.

1. David Rose (Dan Levy)

The sassiest Rose and the most practical, David is a business man with great taste. He might not always show it, but we know he loves both his family and his husband Patrick with his whole heart. David Rose is brilliantly executed by Dan Levy.

By Blair Krassen @blairlyawake

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