Kris Rey’s ‘I Used to Go Here’ Portrays A Writer’s Unenchanted Life After College

Starring Community actress Gillian Jacobs, I Used to Go Here was released on Aug. 7 to Amazon Prime. The film written and directed by Kris Rey follows 35-year-old writer Kate as she travels back to her alma mater to read her newly published book. Just like other Gillian Jacobs content, I Used to Go Here is witty, relatable, and easy to watch.

Similar to the other characters Jacobs has played — such Mickey from Love — Kate is a self-deprecating realist. For example, at the beginning of the film upon meeting with her former professor David (Jemaine Clement), Kate neglects to tell him the truth that things aren’t going as good as she attempts to portray to the University’s current students. The truth is that her boyfriend recently dumped her, her book barely sold any copies and her publisher cancelled her book tour that she was much looking forward to. 

After David offers her a teaching position, Kate decides to stay for a few days while she considers the offer and falls deep into a trap of longing for her old college life back and making more mistakes. Kate even engages in adolescent antics such as late night partying, skinny dipping in the lake and having a one night stand.

At first glance, I expected I Used to Go Here to be an uplifting story about a writer who has found success yet lost sight of herself — but that is not what this movie is at all. Instead, the film  is much more focused on real life moments and hardships than it is on creating an encouraging story with a happy ending. I Used to Go Here has a slow pace allowing each moment to be felt and precisely portrayed — some feel pertinent to the plot and others do not. The script strives to stray from cliches and is largely unpredictable.

I Used to Go Here is a film that any person struggling to make a name for themself in the real world — outside academics — can enjoy and empathize with. Kate is a substantially complex character that felt perfect for Jacobs and her unique style of comedy that we know and love. I recommend checking out I Used to Go Here as soon as you get the chance. 

I Used to Go Here is available to rent on Amazon Prime.

By Blair Krassen @blairlyawake

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