Comedy Spotlight: Get to Know Danit Sibs

“I think that all comedians felt a bit different growing up. I know most people don’t, but comedians definitely don’t live cookie cutter lives. I love that comedy makes you feel like a part of something.” 

— Danit Sibs, stand-up comedian, attorney and public speaking expert.

Yes, that’s right. Danit does it all — attorney by day, artist by night. This resilient New York-based comic is certainly one to look out for. 

Danit’s comedy career first began back in 2013 when she moved to Washington D.C and signed up to take improv classes at DC Improv and Washington Improv Theater (WIT). About a year and a half later she moved back to her home city of New York and took classes at the notorious Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB). Danit then realized she wanted to give stand-up a try and did her first performance at the Comedy Cellar.

Over the past few years, Danit has performed at a number of clubs in New York City including Broadway Comedy Club and Stand-up New York. She has also participated in a few festivals across the country including She Makes Me Laugh — which is an all female comedy festival.

When it comes to the women that inspired her to become a comic, Danit names Chelsea Handler, Joan Rivers, Amy Schumer and Judy Gold. She claims that she feels that her personality is similar to that of Chelsea Handler. Danit also cites Bill Burr and Chris Destefano as some of her favorite comedians currently.

“I admire Joan Rivers so much for allowing women to be dirty and changing the game for the next generation.” says Danit. “All of these women have set an example for women to speak their minds.”

Additionally, Danit recognizes The Office as something that piqued her interest in comedy; she loves Steve Carrell. Danit loves watching Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Jason Mantzoukas and Catherine O’Hara on television as well.

As both an attorney and stand-up comedian, Danit does a great deal of speaking in front of an audience — or jury. Therefore, she assists others who may not be as well-versed in public speaking and performing by offering public speaking webinars.

For more info on Danit Sibs, to read her blog and sign up for her public speaking webinars visit her website and be sure to follow her instagram @danitsibs!

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