Women X: 8 Female-directed Short Films That Will Make Your Day

This past weekend, I attended Women X Film Festival and had the pleasure of seeing some amazing films written and directed by women from around the world. Here are some of my favorite short films from the festival. 

Love Spell

Director: Lauren Vevers

Writer: Lauren Vevers

Producers: Jen Carcoran

Language: English

In this comical and nostalgic coming-of-age film set in 1999, Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan Amber (Brogan Gilbert), casts a spell on her best friend Demi (Katie Davidson-Powell) to make her fall in love with her in time for the school dance. Love Spell is available to watch on Vimeo.

The Train to Qinling

Director: Shir Baron

Writer: Shir Baron

Producer: Shir Baron

Language: N/A

The Train of Qinling is an animated short about a Middle-Eastern traveler who gets lost on a train in China with none other than an adorable Panda as a companion. This heart-warming flick with colorful and vivid animation is sure to brighten your day. The Train to Qinling is available to watch on Youtube.


Director: Amal Al-Muftah

Writer: Amal Al-Muftah

Producer: Basel Owies

Language: Arabic

Sh’hab — which was filmed in Qatar — is a magnificent story about an 8-year-old girl who yearns for the kind of out-at-sea adventure only her brother is allowed to have. The film about family and the beauty of nature contains an impeccable score and picturesque cinematography. Sh’hab is available to watch on Vimeo.


Director: Kylie Eaton

Writer: Kylie Eaton

Producers: Julia Kennelly, Eric Ulbrich

Language: English

Due to its top-notch special effects, creative story and an engaging score, Dispel is an all-around gem. The film follows a young girl, Lizzie (Eris Baker), who becomes inspired by her favorite television show to use magic in order to save her struggling mother from addiction. Dispel is available to watch on Vimeo.

The Turtles

Director: Maya Witters

Writer: Maya Witters

Producers: Jalice Corral, Maya Witters

Language: English

Believe it or not this British short is not about turtles. It is about a university student named Emma who has two pet turtles. Also, Emma is gay but hasn’t yet told her boyfirend who she is instead just trying to avoid. Watch this funny and charming short film today. The Turtles is available to watch on Vimeo.

Coming Out for Christmas

Director: Caris Rianne

Writer: Caris Rianne

Producers: Sophie Duncan, Ashton Clarke

Language: English

This lighthearted short is perfect for the holiday season. Coming Out for Christmas focuses on a college girl named Charlotte (Madeleine Webb) who comes home for Christmas intending to come out to her family. Unfortunately for Charlotte, getting the words out amongst the rest of the family’s equally big news proves to be the most difficult part. Coming out for Christmas is available to watch on Vimeo.


Director: Sarah Grant

Writer: Sarah Grant

Producer: Sarah Grant

Language: English

This poetry-like short film takes us through a woman’s mind as she takes a pregnancy test the morning after a one night stand. This short is brilliantly written and directed and I highly recommend that all women watch it. Scare is available to watch on Youtube.

Roundheads and Cavaliers

Director: Chloe Thomas 

Writer: Kevin Mears

Producers: Kevin Mears, Chloe Thomas

Language: English

Roundheads and Cavaliers is a hilarious spoof in which Alice (Cariad Lloyd) attends a war reenactment and makes an unlikely new connection with Keith (Alex Carter). This film is clever, creative and extremely well executed. Roundheads and Cavaliers is available to watch on Vimeo.

By Blair Krassen @blairlyawake

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