‘Sexy Beasts’: Just Another Netflix Dating Show

Netflix recently released yet another dating show and let’s just say, we’ve never seen anything like it. “Sexy Beasts” is a dating show, based on the original which aired on BBC Three, where single individuals meet on blind dates, which sounds pretty standard right? What makes this show stand out from the rest is a small twist; the individuals are dressed up as animals and creatures, so it’s truly a blind date. With each episode being about twenty minutes, you could easily binge this six-episode series on your next day off.

The basis of this show is to see if people can “fall in love” based on personality alone, without appearance playing a major factor in their decision of who to choose. The show begins with one individual, which is either male or female, who must choose between three people of the opposite sex, after going on brief dates with each of them. It’s unfortunate that not a single episode included queer individuals; it’s just another straight dating show. This is the case for most of Netflix’s dating shows where inclusion is never a priority. Another common theme in Netflix dating shows is that every person who stars in them would fall on the higher end of the attractive scale, at least based on societal standards. This show is no exception, with the whole cast being your average attractive people, it’s ironic that this show is supposed to be based on personality.


It’s truly astonishing to see the choices of creatures chosen for this show. There’s a demon, a panda, an alien and everything in between. It’s actually quite difficult to guess what the individuals look like underneath the makeup, so they really nail that aspect of the show. They go so far as to even apply makeup and costumes to hands, and completely alter the shapes of their faces. Despite this show’s purpose of not basing your love on appearance, it’s hard not to get excited when they reveal who’s underneath the costume.

As mentioned, the appearance of these individuals isn’t supposed to be a top priority in their final selection, but most of the cast make it about looks. Some of the individuals, such as the three men from the first episode, Bennett, Archie and Adam, admittedly prefer certain areas of women’s bodies more over personality, even if they vibe during their date. 

The narrator is the most entertaining part of this show, with the cheeky comments coming in clutch to keep the awkward dates interesting. At some points, the commentary is a little strange, such as in the first episode where the narrator lowkey admits to having a foot fetish and dedicates a foot scene to the “feet freaks” out there, but overall, it gives viewers a giggle when it’s desperately needed.

This show is more of a guilty pleasure than a must-watch. It’s the perfect “Netflix and chill” show as it would be great as background noise. The makeup artists deserve the most credit for their dedication to morphing the cast’s entire appearance. The show itself lacks authenticity as it’s just another one of Netflix’s average dating shows, with a similar cast from the last. There are plans for a second season that’s expected to be released later this year, so if you really dig this show, you won’t have to wait long for more.

“Sexy Beasts” is available to stream on Netflix.

By Mia Godorov

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