The People Said ‘YES’ to ‘Nope’: Everything to Know About Jordan Peele’s New Movie

As we already know, Jordan Peele isn’t a stranger to the horror genre. His popular and award winning movies “Get Out,” which was his directorial debut, and “Us” are still talked about for being so memorable and mind-bending. On July 22, he posted a movie poster to Instagram announcing his latest film “Nope,” set to release exactly one year later. 

Audiences can expect to see some familiar faces at the center of it all. The leading man is Daniel Kaluuya, who also worked with Peele as the lead in “Get Out” and most recently starred in Shaka King’s “Judas and the Black Messiah.” Keke Palmer and Steven Yeun will also be starring in the project along with Barbie Ferreira, Brandon Perea, and Michael Wincott. Yeun is also well versed in the horror genre after six years of portraying Glenn on the hit tv series “The Walking Dead.” There are no details about their roles as of now. 

Storywise, nothing has been revealed, but we can be confident that there is going to be a social commentary element to the plot and maybe a few twists along the way like his other films. “Get Out” showed a horrific story about white people kidnapping and taking over the bodies of Black people due to their belief that Black people were physically superior while simultaneously treating them like objects and doing brain transplant experiments on their victims. “Us” depicts the duality of people, because everyone typically has a version of themselves that they show to others and then another version that is darker and repressed, which is represented by the “tethered.” 

The poster is of a field with a city off in the distance, and a dark but small storm cloud with a kite string hanging from the bottom, hovering over the town. The headline at the top of the poster describes the movie as “A new terror from the mind of Academy Award winner Jordan Peele.” It’s hard to make any conclusions about the plot from the poster alone but it’s almost guaranteed to be thrilling and leave everyone on the edge of their seats. 

The comment section of his post was filled with nothing less than love, support and excitement from fans and colleagues. Actor Jaleel White said, “Take my money now, luxury reclining seats are a must for this.” Actress Shahidi Wright Joseph, who also worked with Jordan Peele on “Us” commented, “How are we supposed to wait a year??!?” It’s clear from the thousands of comments that this is already set to be one of the most anticipated movies of 2022. If this puts you at ease, shooting has already begun in Los Angeles. 

While we wait,  check out Nia Dacosta’s “Candyman” which was produced by Peele in theaters on Aug. 27.

By Shaylen Stancil

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