Keepin’ Up with Kim on ‘SNL’

Kim Kardashian West is no stranger to our television screens. Her “Saturday Night Live” (“SNL”) host debut did not disappoint.

Kardashian West hosted “SNL” on Oct. 9 accompanied by singer Halsey. Kardashian started off her opening monologue as bright as her pink outfit. She recognized that people weren’t expecting her to do well on “SNL” and boldly confronted family issues spreading across the internet.

“I know. I’m surprised to see me here too,” Kardashian West said. “When they asked, I was like ‘You want me to host? Why?’ I haven’t had a movie premiere in a really long time.”

She was in good spirits addressing the controversies surrounding her life. Kardashian West said she only had one movie and did not even know it was premiering. Her confidence while joking about a sex tape leaked without her knowledge from years past is commendable. She then describes the ongoing gags targeted at her family like all her sisters getting surgery to look like her. 

Kardashian West has been in the public eye since the mid-2000s. She’s been the cover of many tabloids and sees allegations against her on a daily basis. It is interesting to see how she takes false headlines and spins them into her own punchlines.

Kim Kardashian West and Pete Davidson experience a whole new world. Courtesy of NBC

The “SNL” skits for this episode were made for Kardashian West. In past years, she expressed her love for Princess Jasmine from “Aladdin”, even going so far as dressing up as her for Halloween. In a skit with Pete Davidson playing Aladdin, the two humorized the social and wealthy status between the characters. Aladdin explains to Jasmine he might not be good for intimacy because he’s famished. All he eats is stolen bread. The jokes presented in this “SNL” are questions I would never ask myself watching the Disney movie. It’s most likely because they are animated and we never have crude thoughts about a film made for children. The “Aladdin” skit also introduces Jasmine’s sister, Jourtney. They all have ‘J’ names which gave me a good laugh. 

Kardashian West was not afraid to try different things like rapping. In “Ladies Night Song,” she raps about grown women hitting the club. The premise of the skit is women work hard during the day so by the time they go to the club — they are asleep. The last time we heard Kardashian West in the music industry was with her single, “Jam (Turn It Up)” released in 2011. I honestly think the song was ahead of its time. However, Kardashian West stepping in to do a rapping skit was refreshing to see. 

Kardashian West seemed like she had a great time as the host of “SNL”. In a world where society pokes judgment at everything she does, Kardashian West took power into her own hands. Her delivery in jokes was natural and even through a screen, you can tell she enjoyed herself. 

New episodes of “Saturday Night Live” premiere every Saturday on NBC and can be streamed on Hulu the next day.

By Neha Seenarine

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